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I got my first WR in a mobile game called Sky: Children of the Light.

It's the newest section of the game, and it's the first time the game has a section that is intended to be a difficult challenge.

I found my own shortcuts and take the top place! I always watch speedrun streams and youtube videos, and I finally became one of the speedrunners! I am so excited!

Yea I get it, it's a phone game. But it's an awarded indie game, not one of those pay to win games. You basically fly around to visit beautiful places, gather stuffs and make friends, like an mmorpg but without rpg and stats. Technically the more you practice, the faster you fly. Micro-transactions are only for the appearance. So I guess it's pretty legitimate!

Nice to meet you!

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Congratulations, welcome to the party. Don't feel discouraged about clout or anything - the important thing is YOU enjoy the games you are playing 🙂 keep improving!


Congratulations! I started here about a month ago. 13 WR with #14 on the way. The excitement remains each time!




Congratulations but there wasn’t much competition, only saw one other person that was 2nd, challenge yourself, you can do it!