@HiHi I'm not too sure if asking about < 4 letter or special usernames is really worth adding to the FAQs, I've only seen a handful of people ask about it


Originally posted by ] but I would add something about, just, watching runs[/quote
Your point about recommended games is solid, I'll definitely add that watching runs is a good way to find a game you want to try speedrunning (as that's also how I started running).

Originally posted by ] you have a very similar question and answer towards the bottom, with "How do I become mod for an existing game?", should probably merge these[/quote
Not sure how I missed that, I'll combine them and add the point about new mods as it's something I thought I included.

Originally posted by ]It certainly should always be allowed, but some communities are pretty stingy about video quality.[/quote
I've never heard of any community banning phone recordings. Sometimes they have to be WELL MADE phone recordings, but they're allowed nonetheless pretty much everywhere I've went. Ig I'll add a disclaimer to that, that's kinda weird.

About that livesplit section, that's a phenomenal suggestion, I never heard about LiveSplit One, and I'll fix the typo I made.

Originally posted by ]Also not sure why turbo controllers and pausing the game are lumped into the same answer, those really have nothing to do with each other[/quote
@Oreo321Oreo321 this also answers your post.
Honestly not sure why I put those together either, I'll split them apart. As for the pausing thing, I actually disagree with you here, I think most games that use IGT generally ban pausing even if it's not stated in the rules, although I should probably mention that it's not always and that game rules should be checked. There's obviously some exceptions like what Oreo stated, but most of those execptions they're stated in the rules or even as Oreo said
Originally posted by ]I also moderate 2 games with the same principle. In those cases, pausing/no pausing is separated to different categories.[/quote
In which case it should be very obvious that pausing IS allowed in those cases. Overall I'd say a hefty majority of games don't allow pausing in IGT runs, although there's many exceptions to that, so I guess I'll try to make that clear.

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Originally posted by Sizzyl I'm not too sure if asking about < 4 letter or special usernames is really worth adding to the FAQs, I've only seen a handful of people ask about it

Still worth adding in my opinion, as the rules are drastically different now compared to what they used to be not even a year ago.

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Is there a way to see your 2nd page of pending runs.I reached the max yesterday and posted a new run that I have submitted incorrectly and would like to edit. I cannot see it

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@SizzylSizzyl on your “Why did my game get denied when (insert game here) is on the site?” section, you should remove the unknown part on reason #2. The notability rule seems to not be in place anymore, as veery unpopular games that would have been rejected a while ago, are not now.

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