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So I play a lot different games, most are movie games that I run. I route a lot of games, and I also glitch hunt in lots of games.

I've done a run of Flushed Away - It's a really fun game to run (except the bosses are kind of dumb) But besides the bosses there's a healthy about of tricks. And only two glitches are used in the entire run if I remember correctly. It's all about movement.

I'm a lead glitch finder in Crash Tag Team Racing - Now this run can get pretty technical, especially the mid game. This game was the very first game I ever started speed running. So this game is the reason I speedrun.

I'm also the lead/only glitch hunter in Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to The Rescue - Now this game is worthy to be an incredible speed game. This game is technical, there's tons of tricks and quite a few glitches in each level. The routes are optimized. This game it awesome. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun speed game.

I'm currently routing a few games too.

Nicktoons Unite - This is an interesting game. The physics are kind of weird in my opinion.

Robots - If you look past the awful jumping mechanics you'll find that this is a game with speedrunning potential. The routing is kind of hard though because of these power chips things.

Ratitoulle (that Disney movie with the Rat that wants to be a chef) - This game is pretty straight forward... for now. I haven't finished this game yet.

Ice Age 2 - I've put this game on pause just cause but I know it'll be a fun speed game as well.

And Last is one game that I'm doing as a Joke.

Rio - Just cuz

So what games you you speed run? I'm curious. You could also request a game for me too but do me a favor and make it a Nintendo game please. I'll even do handheld Nintendo games too. I just want to be known by more speed runners.


Toy story 2 is so amazing as a game AND a speedrun!

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Grandia II and I'm thinking about picking up Grandia I, III, Xtreme (if those come to steam) and maybe Tales of Zestiria but that depends on if I get a grip on the fusion system.

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Fable III. I'm pretty much the only one, but I'll keep doing it.

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I only really run Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition (I technically have done a run in another game, but I don't anymore because load times make it impossible for me to get anywhere with it).

There's not really many runners besides me (one who ran months ago, and two who ran recently but stopped - not sure if one is returning, know the other isn't). However, it's still a fun game for me to run and I've successfully gotten the 5 Out of Bounds WRs, beating the times of the person who ran months ago and started the category for this game.

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Currently I speed run;
NieR (Gestalt - NA version ) eventually the JPN version.
Onechanbara Z:II Chaos, eventually the Prequel(s).
and Occasionally Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Raid Mode.

Planning to eventually attempt to run other games that I love and or want to have more of an excuse to play them more. ;-P

❤️ <3 ❤️ <3 ❤️

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You Have To Win The Game - I don't run it much anymore but I still do on occasion.
Sly 3 - Levels only. I need a capture card.
Saints Row: The Third - Still need to iron down the route after the first hour.
Relic Hunters Zero - Can't record it right now but it's a bit of fun.

I really want to learn Persona 4, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do a full run. The other Sly games are also on my radar.

edit: I've also just started to learn The Stanley Parable.

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I speedrun Cadash on the TG-16/ Currently the only one. As far as I know there are no glitches/bugs to speedrun it it's all about managing what level you are and making sure you damage boost the right ways. That praying the RNG doesn't mess with you too badly.

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I speedrun a category of New Super Mario Bros. U called Mario%, and the mobile game King of thieves which I JUST submitted a game request for, so hopefully it gets accepted in.

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I'm learning Rayman for the PS1 atm, and I'm also planning to do a GRID2 speedrun (All courses) But the funny thing is, that no category exists for GRID2 😃

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I'm pretty new to this whole Speedrunning thing, but I run the following at the moment (or at least try to run them xD):

Pokémon Red/Blue - It's a Game from my Childhood, so it was totally clear for me to run it.
Shovel Knight - Pretty cool Game, damn hard. Fun to Speedrun it.
To run in the future:
Zelda - A Link to the Past - I love this Game, but it's really hard.
more to come...

I'll try to run every game glitchless 🙂

I'm allways looking for some Games to Speedrun, especially new Games and Indie Games. When Stardew Valley gets released, and I've played it normally, I'll also do a Speedrun of it.

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Currently I haven't found my speedgame, but I run some Games till I get my 3DS-Capture-Card:

WARP - any%, currently rounting 100%
Axiom Verge - 100% Items (Cuz any% is way too hard xD)
SMA4 - any% (Attempting to derust it and get WR back. Might do other cat. as well)

When i get my 3DS-CC:

TLoZ: A Link between Worlds
New Super Mario Bros. 1 & 2
Maybe Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
And if I find some peops, TLoZ Triforce Heroes 3P Coop

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I Speedrun Poi individual levels and any%

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currently speedrunning duck tales any% on easy

games to speedrun soon:
phantasy star iv any%
Shining force II granseal%
Lufia II any% glitchless
pokemon red/blue any% glitchless
rom hacks

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I currently have one WWF Wrestlemania: the arcade game record, maybe go for the other record some day
I'm searching for a game to run, besides Risk of Rain, the ones on my mind right now are:
Shank 1 and 2
Spec Ops: The Line
Rogue Legacy
Heavy Bullets (going to decide once i manage to finish it)
And thats all for now, if someone wanna try to speedrun/route/glitch hunt some game and want a partner, ask me, you would be doing me a favor since you would be encouraging me to do it often and its always fun to have someone to compete and talk about a certain game 🙂

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I speed run The Lord of the rings Two towers ANY%

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My two main speed games are Syobon Action (Cat Mario) and Grief Syndrome but, I've been looking into picking up some new ones like Ape Escape or Rayman 3

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Jet Set Radio Future and Grabbed By The Ghoulies are my main games, but I speedrun mostly original Xbox games.

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sorry for long post:
Just updating FrankerZ

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom
Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals
Lufia III - The Legend Returns
Lufia - Curse of the Sinistrals
Far Cry 3
Bioshock infinite
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Donkey Kong Country 3
TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan
TMNT II: Back from the Sewers
Unreal Tournament 99(GOTY)
Link's Awakening DX
Final Fantasy V
Dead Island
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
Megaman X
DragonBall Advance Adventure
Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
Dino Crisis 2
Resident Evil 5
For the frog, the bell tolls
Super Mario World
SMW2: Yoshi island
Jewel Master
Bibi Und Tina
Karoshi Mario
¤cough¤ TloZ: LTTP
Tloz: Minish Cap
Kirby Dream Land 2
Mario vs Donkey Kong
Pokemon Emerald
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2
Street of Rage
Wonder boy in monster world
Xmen: Mutant Apocalypse
Wario Land 2
Wario Land 3
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Harry Potter & Chamber of Secret
Mickey Mousecapade
TMNT 4: Turltes in Time
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
Metroid Fusion
Diablo III
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Resident Evil 6
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion
Kid Niki 2
Final Fight 2
Warcraft III - Reign of Chaos
Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne
FF Mystic Quest
Mega Man 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Duke Nukem Forever
Viscera Cleanup Detail
Survival Kids
Age of Empire III
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Crystal Beans
Zelda 1
Box Life
BS Zelda
Curse of monkey island
Dead Bits
Final Fantasy 2(PSP)
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Toy Story 3
Myst III: Exile
Monkey island 2
Borderlands 2
Ys Seven
TloZ : Lampshade of real significance (shhh)

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Wow, that's a big arsenal of choices. Do you speed run every game you own?