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Idk, just wanted to ask to see if anyone else has these wacky experiences. Ive had these happen to me twice. Once my device decided it didnt feel like working and it shut off while on i was in the middle of a run. The second time, i was on PB pace for There Is No Game, and the squirrel just wasnt there, so i couldnt finish.


I was going for a WR in a game. I achieved what I wanted twice and both times my screen recorder decided to have an epileptic seizure and the run recording both times came out funny. I’ve also had times where my recorder just straight up stops recording for no reason in the middle of a run.

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I had a WR run with a messed up recording because my cat decided to step on my keyboard and put the game into fullscreen. OBS didn't capture the video while it was in fullscreen.

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I've had this kind of experience dozens of times. I generally record my runs directly from PS4 by using Twitch, but sometimes it just disconnects and makes me lose a lot of time. Worst one was with KH1, I lost my connection after two hours of streaming, it was very infuriating.


Theres a game which I enjoyed but I got burnt out bc of my device. My IPad kept having trouble, stopping recordings and 6/7 times I reloaded the page it gave me an error. Ive also had a lot of cases where people needed my help or wanted to talk to me and I gave it priority


First time I had a shot at a WR, power went out when I only had about 5 minutes left in the run. Sad days.

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The run wasn't ended, just took a minor time loss maybe, but I had to spend one of my RF1 runs furiously trying to untangle the DS charger from an unrelated cord.

I have had good runs interrupted by real life stuff though. The pains of doing longer runs, I suppose.

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I lost a run one time because I sneezed.

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My wifi went of in the middle of a run

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I once got a migraine trigger in the middle of a run at wr pace. The type of migraines I get cause my vision to get all fuzzy and blurred, so I couldn’t finish the run. Was very sad 🙁

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OBS hates to record audio for me, so I've had multiple runs rendered useless

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@GarshGarsh that really sucks. Did you eventually get the WR?

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I lost half a dozen runs to my cats. One in particular seems to know when there's a part that requires me to focus, and she'll jump on my lap and start walking around and poking at the controller. If she doesn't get the attention she wants she gets up and sits down right in the middle of the tv. It can be maddening.


I was on sub 18 pace for a Minecraft run about half a year ago and then my mum shut off the wifi and told me to sleep


this is basically the only thing like this that has happened to me


1. during my first ever Mario & Luigi Dream Team Glitchless speedrun back in 2015, I accidentally stepped on my charger. I couldn't finish the run because I realized my 3DS was going to die before I could have the chance to finish it. This eventually led to me destroying my 3DS charging port. Was not able to play the game on my own free will for 4 years 🙁

2. during my last ever Mario & Luigi Dream Team run when I was still living in Belgium, I broke my headset because IIRC it fell somehow or something fell on it I forgot. This was very annoying and then I lost a minute to RNG later, which likely wouldnt have happened cuz I'd have entered the battle at a different time had my headset not broken. It was my best ever run EVER, even to this day after a full month of grinding since coming back.

None of this would matter however, as we were told to pay or f* off by some people, and since someone went knocking on our door during the run I lost like a bunch of minutes. PB was impossible no matter what, which is sad because it was my literal best run ever.

We moved out a week later and the internet was the worst ever. Couldn't stream at all and even if I could, didn't have the time because I lived in a caravan with bunch of dogs and my mother. I moved out to France in June and came back to running the game last September. After about 30 attempts, I had not a single run that was as good as my last run in Belgium. I did improve my PB but 40 minutes but that's only because of a new skip that was found last month lol. I had one run that was a minute behind and got God RNG in the battle where I got crap RNG in the good run, so I did get a run that was ahead of my run from last time. But that's only because of good execution and God RNG. Plus that run died in the final boss due to rng anyway lol