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I want to do Xbox one runs, and I can stream to my twitch, but I don’t have any webcam. The runs I watch always seem to have a webcam for the player. Do I need one to submit a run? Or can I just use twitch and a headset? If that is even necessary.

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No, you shouldn’t need one. If you don’t want to, you don’t even have to stream for most games. You can just record and submit to YouTube.

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@EldricsonPlaysEldricsonPlays there's no need for most things. Most boards are ok with a run as long as you have a publicly accessible video somewhere (most don't even need audio although having audio is nice if you can). The reason most popular runners have a webcam and stream is so that they can also make some money from doing it and entertain people while they run or whatever. It's all personal choice. I'd suggest reading through some of the FAQS by clicking here or just doing your runs.

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N O Webcams required for any games and if theres a game that requires a webcam mate get 19219317319 feet away from that game


@Slothboy78YTSlothboy78YT could you stop answering to old posts that already have answers

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No webcam. The only exception: Maybe if you're running at the top level, and mods request it specifically, but generally no

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@jamesjames Why would mods even request a webcam?