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I have several VHS players in my apartment, which I will post pictures of if need be to prove myself when I get home.

I record on VHS because I use CRT TVs and don't have a computer with a capture card or anything that could run OBS at a reasonable speed. This is also why I run HM2, which has its own timer that counts to the thousandth of a second.

Please do not make fun of people for being poor thank you

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(it was just a joke, I still have a VHS player too)


lol, wtf is this thread.
Speedrunning is not only about competition and I don't even get what you want to achieve with this thread.
Even if you enforce a no drug rule it wouldn't have any influence just because of how difficult it is to spot.
If you know of someone who used performance enhancing drugs for his runs, you can call him out.
Another problem with enforcing such a rule is that it might ban some runs that were legit in the past, so that's kinda dumb.
Finally I doubt any drugs could make a significant difference, that you wouldn't be able to achieve by a bit more practice.
You need to be very desperate to use drugs to claiming the World Record, especially since you don't even get any price money or something and you will probably be beat after some time (sometimes years) anyways.
It's not like I'm against such a rule, but I don't see any point in doing so.
Also I'm kinda interested in your F-zero X skills (though I'm not expecting much).


E Dragon I can only assume from your post format you're doing some kind of marijuana or something

Does E stand for ecstasy? Probably.

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@doctorwoot was hacked by Pleiadian scientists in order to hide the truth from the speed running community.

@doctorwoot has the skills to pay the bills, F-Zero and otherwise (in bed).

@doctorwoot is, was, will be, and is-was the sole bearer of speed running truths within our (read: this) timeline.

@FIFA [Fédération Internationale de Football Association] will not be happy with the things that have transpired in this thread.



factcheck The final VCR's in existence within the previously stated timeline were manufactured earlier in this year of our Lord, 2016:

There is demand for VCR's, new and less new, but parts are scarce. This is a clear sign of the end-times, though it is uncertain which times may end (please note that WR [World Record] times are not excluded from this possible outcome) /factcheck

Be 😎

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"E Dragon I can only assume from your post format you're doing some kind of marijuana or something

Does E stand for ecstasy? Probably"


I'm probably the person who takes the least drugs here.
I NEVER took any drugs. I'm not even smoking and I'm an anti-alcoholic ( YES I NEVER DRANK ANYTHING ALCOHOLIC ).
Drugs are absolutely unnecessary, which is why I avoid them as much as possible.

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I avoid LAUGHTER, because they say laughter is the best MEDICINE.

Comedy shows? NO, SIR/MA'AM.
Newspaper cartoons? IN YOUR DREAMS, JELLY BEAN.
Political satire? NO WAY, JOSÉ.
2016 U.S. Elections? COUNT ME OUT, SAUERKRAUT.

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you're not funny

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Is that your attempt at being epic?

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It was literally my attempt at being unfunny (silly, ridiculous, etc.). Why am I being taken seriously right now? This thread started out with an air of legitimacy, but @doctorwoot has gone off their rocker, yet people--notably @E_Dragon (no offense intended)--are still responding with seeming sincerity.

And, I know someone might mention how I'm taking your seriousness--or lack thereof--seriously. How absurd, eh? That's what makes this so much fun.

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I was about to joke about how we speed run for the kids (thus, totally necessary), until I remembered that some of us actually do 😛 (, and the like)


This is a waste of my time.

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Did I just step into a pile of speed running mythos? Ew.

Keep the newbs out of this! We don't want to share your pain 🙁


Time is but a curtain between this and other worlds. Free your mind, and take that quantum cannonball leap in to the pool of your destiny.


You people are ruining this thread please let's get back to the discussion at hand

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''Until these problems with doping are rectified on (which, judging by the number of drug addicts in this thread, won't be for a long time) my tapes will not be posted to this website.''

Literally, the best!

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You are to say Narcissa Wright was not under the influence? HAAA! She's a great person, this by no means is to bash. Until this gets bigger and $ is involved there is no point to do so, actually it's really nosy to ask so. Now is it aggravating? Sure it is, but if you are getting butthurt about that and people know user "XYZ" is using, there should be no reason to be upset as everyone probably knows.


What if it's prescribed? I use to take it, but not since I started speedrunning.


I think the real problem here is that you're assuming that all speedrunners are just in it for the WR - a literally meaningless title. You should be speedrunning a game for your love of the game, not the love of being first place. Is it frustrating that you may lose WR to someone using PEDs? Sure, I can see that. Does using PED's put them in a position where they achieved an unattainable record? No. A lot of people use WR as a motivational tool. Someone else having WR just raises the bar. From the looks of this thread, your thoughts seem to be the minority. Nobody else seems to really care about PEDs.