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So I speedrun a game called External Visions and I used an older version because it was faster by several minutes due to skipping the first area of the game. A few days ago the dev updated how the game ran and now it uses Java and requires the javaw.exe in order to run, which makes using the old update not possible. How would I go about playing on the older version which is the fastest?


If it's an offline game you should be able to continue playing it by just not updating, if you already did youd need to download it again. If it's online then yeah, probably no way to do it.

But I don't even play the game, youll likely get better answers by asking the community of the game.


I tried using steam's Offline mode but it says the game requires the new launcher and files which is why playing an old update seems impossible, also I'm the only person who runs the game so I kinda don't have anyone to go to 😕


Is there an option in the settings of the game to use the old version? Alternately you could try contacting the devs on twitter


There is not an option for an old version sadly. Replacing all of the level files would seem to work but I guess it gets automatically updated without showing. I could try contacting the dev.


Yeah, officially speaking (as there are always workarounds), as soon as Steam is aware there's a patch out there for a game, you can't start it without patching. Even if you go into offline mode.

Most of the time when people downpatch it involves either 1) the developer leaving the unpatched version in the Steam betas or 2) methods that are not, strictly speaking, legal.


as the game is now free Im sure the devs would be reasonable to release the old version for download for speedrunning purposes it might even help generate more interest in not only this game but some of the devs other games as well, cant hurt to ask. Worst that will happen is they say no.