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I submitted some runs for google doodle gnome. the run categories were Blue, Yellow, and green. for some reason, after submitting, it switched them to blue. when i submitted again, to try and fix it, it changed again.
i know this isn't that much of a problem, just need some help. thanks! (yeah ik doodles are kinda lame but my computer is a legitmate potato. fps crashes even on those games. really only ones i can play, but amazingly im not that bad, considering these are my first legit attempts at speedrunning.)
well, thanks ahead of time for help, and have a great time speedrunning! 🙂


Ask the mods for the game. They should know what category your run goes in and why.

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they said that the category was wrong when i submitted it, and they rejected it. and i messaged the game mod, but then i realized from their forums 'oh they literally only get on once every two weeks.

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Both moderators have logged into the site very recently. Message them and ask why your runs were rejected. You can also check the rejection message to see if it's explained there. Make sure that you've read the rules for each category as well.

Edit: if blue is the default category and yellow/green are subcategories, the run will automatically default to blue. When you submit a run, change the category manually before filling out the rest of the form

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i don't think they are sub categories, but thank you! 🙂


Glad you got it sorted

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