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I have a Wii, Xbox One, and 3DS

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Every game has hard parts to it, if its Glitches, RNG or just hard strats in general, there's always that one hard point in a speedrun that just destroys every run. It happens to everyone, just continue to run the games you want to run and don't look at the time you lost, it just helps you get a easier PB the next time you run it.

And to answer your question: A link to all games of these consoles was already posted here, just choose some games you like, look at some runs to see if its doable and then try to run it.

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Your mindset is what causes these mental breakdowns, not the game itself.

Like Zey said, mental issues can vastly influence them. As someone with anxiety and depression, I often have trouble posting runs because of my lack of self-worth and my lack of motivation.

What you should ask yourself is why you're having the mental breakdowns. Is it because you think you're not good enough? Is it because you keep screwing up that one area you think you should have no trouble with? Figure out that answer, and see what you can do to improve that aspect of your mindset.

It's been stated above, but there's absolutely no game that will not cause you a mental breakdown if you don't have the correct mindset.

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Why are you guys giving this person serious answers?


They just want a game to play, no? @emeraldaly


I mean they're not doing any real harm, but their history is 100% shitposting. This isn't a serious question that's being asked.

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@Mojoh games i find easy may differ to what you find easy example i find Danmaku games very easy the harder the difficulty the easier they are for me and the easier things are the harder it is for me to comprehend those types of games. Also the only game recommendation i can give you is Metroid: Other M although things to note the game won't let you skip cutscenes on your first playthrough there are pixle hunting segments that are so simple you would face palm after looking it up and you will die a lot to Desbrachians so no worries. Oh and you unlock Hard Mode by 100%ing the game plus most of the enemies kill you in one hit in Hard mode also you take more damage while in ball form.


How long does it need to pass to be considered dead?


There are new threads in each forum every day.

Now figure out the answer to your own question


That still does not give a answer. But if i had to give my own interpretation i would say ones that are a year old way different than what Drakodan seems to interpret

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Threads that haven’t had responses in months are considered dead. 2 months, 4 months, whatever. If nobody has responded in that long then the thread is probably dead.

If nobody responded in the first place that’s a little different since that person might still want help or an answer, but if replies were given, then I wouldn’t bother since I doubt the OP would check old threads.

Granted, this one isn’t super old, but the other ones you necro’d in Talk were dead for 9 months so bumping those is pointless.

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Quick, write a global rule on what threads are considered dead and not dead!

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choose according to your interests/genre preferences, or just use /

there are a LOT of games that can be ran without having any "mental breakdowns"


I mean i figured a form called talk people just wanted to talk and or know your opinion about stuff like the "What's the most disappointing speedrunning improvement strategy you've seen?" thread so i figured no harm done in commenting on it

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While technically no harm aside from annoyance, it’s just good forum etiquette to not revive dead threads, even for harmless posting. It’s not an explicit rule anywhere (it’s more of an “unwritten” one), so you can keep doing it, but be prepared for annoyed people every time.

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Try and find a game you've played before, that can make it more enjoyable and a lot less frustrating. Also I agree with @starsmiley allot of it depends on your mindset, in my opinion thats one of the hardest parts of speedrunning, is overcoming the self-doubt and staying motivated.

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