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I'm YoshiGPLS, and I wanted to submit a Mario Kart Wii run that I recorded but I'm on Dolphin, and it's an emulator, plus the only reason I use it is because I want to play the game, and I do NO TASs because I don't know how, so is an emulator allowed if you don't use frame-by-frame game speed?

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I think the proplem people tend to have with emulators is that it's not an official way to play the game, and has the potential to be inaccurate. Mario Kart Wii is a pretty competitive game so any little advantage that could come out of emulation would probably not go down well.

It is decided on a game by game basis, so there are a good few other games that allow it. You'll have to check the rules or the run submission form - some games also give you specific settings to be as accurate and transparent as possible.

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In the case of Dolphin, it’s not a very accurate emulator, and it’ll often run games faster than actual consoles/hardware. Because of this, it’s often banned for games in order to avoid giving people on emulator an unfair advantage over those on console. Unfortunately, a lot of emulators for modern consoles value quality over accuracy. A lot of them are specifically designed to shorten load times or improve frame rates because they are geared towards casual players, not speedrunners who need them to be as accurate as possible (with all the slow downs and long loads included).

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Emulators are banned means that emulators are banned, so no.

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It sucks im on Mac so my compatibility is horrible, I wanted to do a Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator that isn't available on Mac but is available on mobile so I use blue stacks. And if I use a emulator my run doesn't count.

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Pls don't necropost

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Especially if what you have to say about the thread topic does not bring anything to the table.

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@moneycat105moneycat105 you can always try to talk to the mod team about a possible way to play the game on mac

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@moneycat105moneycat105 you could probably run the game through WINE on mac or you could just dual boot instead.

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