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So one of my runs got rejected due to not being on project64... Im on a mac and they dont make project64 for ios (yeah if you wanted to play games dont get a mac yeah yeah I know) So what can I do? Also is their a required snes emulator that I need to know about?


"Can I play on an emulator?

If the emulator is accurate and the community for that game accepts emulator as a valid choice, then yes, you can. The most commonly used emulators for each system include:

NES - FCEUX 2.2.0
GB - bgb
SNES - SNES9x 1.53
GBA - VBA 1.7.2
Genesis/GameGear/SMS - Fusion
N64 - Project64 v1.7

For reference, the following emulators are globally banned for use in racing:

SNES - ZSNES, snes9x 1.4x
N64 - Project64 2.x
GBA - VBA-M (use VBA instead. If VBA does not support your GBA game, please contact an op.)"


So yeah, i guess you could just try another emulator, as long as you don't use the ones up-there that are globally banned it should be fine.

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I use VBA 1.7.2 for run Minish cap but I've a lot of slow fram when I use Ocarina and when I get item. Is it possible to fix it with version 1.7.2 or is it impossible?

Thank you!


Honestly, i have no idea about that.

But apparently there's a better GBA emulator now, called Bizhawk.
I haven't tried it yet, but from what i've heard it's better for most games, it emulates the lag better and other stuff.
Maybe that will help.

Also, i suggest you ask the minish cap community a bit, maybe some of them already uses Bizhawk, or maybe they use something else ?
You might get a better answer there.


BizHawk is useful because there are really a lot of tool and it's kinda accurate.
It's not THE MOST ACCURATE EVER, but I like to use it.


Thank's for your answer.

I found VBA 1.8.0 that seems best. I would ask if it's allowed.


I've seen ePSXe as well as PSXfin being accepted in the ff community.
However, according to tasvideos (which is a good source for emu accuracy, as TAS is a form of speedrunning that requires a lot of accuracy) Bizhawk, (which uses Mednafen PSX for it's emulation) should be the most accurate . This is also the "preferred" emu for tasvideos. Note that these accuracy tests are based on test isos, and do not directly reflect accuracy relative to speed, but, seeing as how it's the "preferred" emu on tasvideos, you know that it has been shown to be overall more accurate than other emus.

Either way, you can always ask some of the runners of the game you're interested in about what is and isn't accepted, as ultimately, it's a community decision more than anything else.


BizHawk is incredibly resource-intensive in my experience, and is also based solely on TASing (as it is a multi-platform project within the TASVideos community) but can be used for standard emulating.
ePSXe is the overall recommended emulator for most PS1 games where the community allows emulators, afaik, so it's the best outside of TASing.



BizHawk is incredibly resource-intensive in my experience

That's not generally true.
1) Bizhawk has rewinding enabled by default. Disabling it will make it run much faster.
2) The speed depends on the console and core that you are using. SNES emulation for example is very slow, but GBA gets 400 fps, GB with the Gambatte core and NES with the QuickNES core get 1000 fps for me, when I disable throttling.


What about PPSSPP as PSP Emulator?

But I have to say that in case of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters some glitches don't work with the european version (like the WR holder should have ...). I didn't figured out why yet 😕.


PPSSPP is demonstrably faster when it comes to loading times. However, some communities do accept it as it tends to be slower on some other types of loading. This is really a game by game kind of thing. You should ask some of the runners what they think about it, maybe do some testing for that game.


@MrRacingmonster: Old thread, but just to clearify - that's not possible. You can roughly reverse engineer the windows application, write your own version of the source code and compile it on MAC, but that isn't easy. Or at least: Very (!) time expensive.