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Hello! New user and not privy to forum etiquette so apologies if I come off as green.

I have a huge fascination towards the game Limbo of the Lost - a game certainly worth a Google if you haven't seen it before. I've played this game many times. I really want to speedrun this game but I'm not sure where to begin. It has never been speedrun before, so I have some questions.

1) If I were to make a game request here for this specific game, with no other speedruns known to exist, would it likely be accepted or is it a hopeless task?

2) The game is prone to crashing, it's practically hardcoded into the disk to crash at least once no matter who plays it on what system. If it were to be accepted, will crashes ¤have¤ to automatically count as a failed run or can these be counted simply as lost time due to bad luck?

3) With no one else speedrunning this game to provide competition, is it even worth it to speedrun it?

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1) Yes. As long as you have a recorded run of it yourself and link to it in the request there shouldn't be a problem.
2) Normally crashes are tough luck and end of run, however if crashes are an inevitability in your particular game due to bad coding etc then I suppose some kind of provision for it could be made in the rules for the game, set by the mod (you, if you have requested it). Perhaps subtract time spent restarting?
3) Good question. Personally, if I enjoy speedrunning a game then I will enjoy routing then running at least one good run, and then hope that someone else sees it and has a go themselves and makes it a competition. I have a few games on here where no one else has yet had a go, and I wont bother grinding to improve my time on those unless another runner gets involved.

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Thanks for the speedy and insightful response! I'm so excited to break this game with all its lovely glitches.

I did run into another few questions as I was tinkering with LiveSplit however if you or someone else would be willing to help.

The game has absolutely 0 settings, so I'm stuck having to run it fullscreen. Using little tips online like "-window" didn't work to make it windowed. I have a second monitor so that's not an issue with seeing run progress, but my hotkeys weren't working to start the timer when I booted the game. They worked fine when the game wasn't running. Does Livesplit have to be on the same monitor as the game for hotkeys to work? Is the game blocking out my hotkey command? And is there any brute-force method to make a fullscreen game windowed?

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That happens when your native resolution and the resolution of the game is in conflict. Setting the resolution on windows fixes the resolution of WSplit to the same thing, and then if a game goes full screen and alters the resolution to make it fit on one of your monitors, then LiveSplit will be all wonky during the time the game with the different resolution is up.

I don't have two monitors though, so I figured having that would fix it, but I wouldn't know about that yet.


Turn on global hotkeys in livesplit. Should fix the issue.

Livesplit does not have to be on the same monitor to work.

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I heard of games having crashes present in their WR runs if they are poorly coded or something. So I think it's okay that it crashes. Just leave the timer running while you restart the game. If it crashes your computer/Livesplit when it crashes, maybe use the livesplit app on your phone instead? Hope that helps with any issues you might run into :3

Also, I'm unsure if it's legitimately possible to play this game?? A quick google tells me that it was entirely recalled because of copyright infringement, so unless you had an original copy, idk how you would run this game?? Also would you get in trouble for owning a copy if they were recalled?

Welcome to the forums and good luck on your runs anyways!

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Recalled doesn't mean it's illegal to possess, it just means it can't be sold anymore.


Would like to see this run and this game, first I heard of it here. I did a wee google of it and it has a very interesting backstory. I tried to avoid the videos and only read the articles on it. Get it done and good luck. Maybe your run will inspire more people to seek out and try it for themselves if they can find an existing copy.

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