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An hour, but planning doing DQ IX which is 8 hours ish, and maybe DQ XI


2 hr's 11 min in Lone Echo (VR game) on my first attempt.


The longest run I did was 3h 55min on Drome Racers 100%. Then, I tried to beat it with the objective to save at least 15min, but my game crashed after 3h of run during a loading screen :,(

Did you have any method to stay focused during long runs? Personally, I like to listen to music while running, just as when I'm driving a car.


Longest run I've ever done was my first Fable III Any% run at 4:32:23. My time is now down to 3:32:41 thanks to myself and some other runners optimizing routes through some of the longer sections of the game.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 48 Tracks - No Items, 150cc in 2:11:03

I did beat this with a 2:01:xx but I used the wrong settings for the computer players so they rejected it, which is understandable.


About 4h30m for a Dark Wizard speedrun. Although it was segmented so much more time was put into that run.


83:21:57 RTA (52:42:43 actual playtime) for Pokémon gen 3 catch 'em all Glitchless, although I have a few longer runs planned for the forseeable future so will soon have a run that'd be over 100 hours

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GTA Vice City Chaos Mod (Hard) in 05:17:XX, it was fun, it was insane


Actually just finished my first run of a cool web game called World's End Chapter 1 that took about 1:50:00. Was just doing it to see how it was and get a recording for submitting it to the site.


a little over 7 hours straight for "the bible game" for the GBA still waiting for that shit to be posted


my first a link to the past nmg 100% was absolutely terrible at 3:39.35


Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon any% in 5:06:54. Can save a lot of time if i work harder to get a good time.


My blind The Last Airbender speedrun.. I cried during the run, never do I touch that game again.
It's broken, it's bad, fighting with motion controls etc.. stay away.. It's even worse than the movie.

3h 27m 48s


For me it's Buffy The Vampire slayer for Original Xbox. 1st time it took me almost 4 hours(3:52:53). but now I've gotten it down to 2:32:30


My longest run is probably around an hour idk, but i'm about to do a 15 hour RDR2 run in like a week


The longest run I ever did that I never finished was a Bookworm Adventures speedrun, I was 3 hours into it and then out of nowhere the game crashed. The longest run I ever did that I ever submitted here would be my old Game Dev Tycoon ByeOffice% run which was 1 hour and 6 minutes, though now my current WR is 48 minutes for that category.


My longest run is my absolutely TERRIBLE Portal Inbounds run at 1:05:06 (w/o loads).

I don't do long speedruns.


My first attempt of a ocarina if time hundo run
i didnt finish it but i gave up at 16h