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hey guys quick question for general discussion but what is the longest speedrun you guys have ever done?

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3:43:56 in Mario Party 9 Solo Mode (basically the story mode of the game), there are way longer categories and runs on here but I guess it wasn't that short either.

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My current PB for Driver: San Francisco NG any% at 3:44 is currently my longest run i have done to date, but i just PB'd it by about 35 minutes today down to about 3:08 😃

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9+ hours in gauntlet dark legacy :^)

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Mine is 3:03:50 on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GC, Any%). No footage though so I didn't submit it. Wasn't a fantastic run either, but fun to do and I hope to improve on it.

However, I do plan on doing a Golden Watering Can run of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the future. That will probably be longer, and definitely a hell of a lot harder and with more RNG in it than Pokemon. Got the SD cards on me and wondering if I can save my casual data on one of them, and praying that luck will be at my side when the time comes.

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13+ hours Kingdom Hearts 1 Japanese 100%. But it had a bad route and is easily improvable to 11-12 hours.

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Currently probably my first emerald run, I'm hoping to try PMD: Explorers Of Darkness soon, so then that'll be it at somewhere over 6 hours.

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2:18:xx monster hunter run RIP me with my babby time

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(6:35:24) inFAMOUS: Second Son - 100% Evil Karma

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Well this is apropos... I just did one yesterday for about 9.5 hours before my computer shut down. [Harvest Moon 64]

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1:26:36 on toy story 3 (DS)


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21 hours OpieOP

Persona 5 true end


I'm a baby, I have yet to run anything that takes me longer than 2 hours hahaha

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00:04:05 - A titan of a job, finish mission, coop, GTA 5 Online.

My longest speedrun at the moment... LUL

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Longest time up now is 3h 05m 23s, but I remember my first couple of runs took like 4 1/2 hours on stream, I just never submitted the runs. Been working on the original Lemmings game complete play through, and that full run will likely be 5-6 hours. :gulp:

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@european_union I thought you were being overly generous by implying Baten Kaitos 100% RUNNERS as plural, but then I checked and saw there really is someone other than Baffan who's willing to put themselves through that.

Proper mentalists, that lot.

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If anyone would like their chance to show off long speedruns, my event Fleet Fest is now accepting submissions for Fleet Fest II: Go Long! Information on-site --


Twilight Princess 100% was my longest; I had worked my PB down from over the 10h mark to where it currently stands at 7h31m. Now Twilight Princess Bug Limit 100% is my longest, at 8h36m - this run, by rules, is also no save/quit.