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It's the difference of discussing the practice of updating VODs to reflect WR status, versus somebody off youtube making an account on SRC to complain about something that nobody is complaining about.

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I'm so glad this "speedrun ethical issue" has been resolved.

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Very happy to see Cheese finally growing up and acting like a normal human!

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Exactly Wal; because a full-time streamer, youtuber, and speedrunner not going out of his way to immediately drop everything he's doing to edit the subject line of a past youtube video to protect the sensibilities of a random speedrun viewer is definitely an "ethical issue" we need to demand be fulfilled at anytime this happens in the future 😃

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Can't believe no one complained yet that his thumbnail still says World Record ;-)

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Too busy being upset with mouth agape clickbait thumbnail to see WORLD RECORD


I am satisfied with this. Admin/mod may close this thread now if you want 🙂


omg you're actually.... omg


Yes I am. I brought up a fair point and Cheese corrected it. Water under the bridge


Or you could have not posted anything in here and he would have corrected it himself anyway when he got around to it. Self-fulfilling prophecy methinks.


No, Cheese clearly only did it in response to this post.

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Both of them should stop discrediting my wr, I did it in 2 minutes but my computer walked away so I lost the video

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every time someone gets a new wr im bumping this thread daily until the vod of the fwr gets updated

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I say again, Liam's 1:38 still says WR. But OP doesn't seem to care.
Me thinks they just have beef with cheese.
Which is a very good combination actually. I like putting cheese on my beef. It's delicious. Especially sharp cheddar cheese.

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Idk who Liam is. If he’s done the same thing he should also change it, still doesn’t change that Cheese was faulty. Btw I commented on Cheese’s old WR 1 month ago, asking him why he didn’t change the title to ”Old WR”. He liked my comment but he didn’t do anything about the title. Hence why I go to this forum as it obviously was more effective. I thought I wrote this but apparently not. As J1 said (dunno if he’s serious or sarcastic), I doubt cheese would change it in the near future if I hadn’t made this forum post. I think I did a favor for the legitimacy of speedrunning. WR-holders in general can’t claim their WR once they’re beaten right?


Want to remind you that you created an account just for this lol

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Yes, @11 was being sarcastic. Cheese hasn't logged on to in over a year. All of his recent runs were submitted on his behalf by the mods. This thread played no part whatsoever in him changing the title of the video.

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No need to be reminded. I specifically created my account to adress this. I do think it played a role. There’s nothing contradicting it. People here have said that they’ve been in the discord with cheese so maybe they redirected my message. No problem though the problem has been adressed