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Hello. If you haven’t noticed Cheese’s old wr still says ”(World Record), even though he lost it to Batora a month ago. I commented this on one of his videos 2 weeks ago, thinking he just forgot about it. He liked my comment yet hasn’t changed it? Imo it’s very disrespectful and immature. Him not changing the title can take a lot of attention and glory away from the rightful holder of the WR. I’m new to this forum so i don’t know if this is the right sub-forum to post in. However it’s a speedrun ethical issue which I think is important to resolve. If more people noticed this maybe Cheese would take the appropriate actions and act in a fair way?

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We can't do anything here, I recommend just dm'ing cheese himself or discuss this in the sm64 forums

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Who is Cheese and who is Batora?

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Cheese is the previous WR Holder for SM64 120 star. Batora is the current. I commented on his video so he obviously acknowledged it. But he didn’t fix it. By posting on this forum maybe more people can encourage him to not be a dick


Cheese, batora, simply, taggo, etc. etc. are actually friends. Cheese isn't being a dick to batora, he just forgot to update the title. Cheese has made several tweets congratulating batora and also made a reaction video to it.

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@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo what an awful thing to say. You should never promote harassment against anybody. Not to mention OP is not harassing anyone.

I am fully in agreement that Cheese is disrespecting the rightful WR holder. After doing some individual investigation I managed to get access to his private discord where I saw some unbelievably disrespectful comments aimed at Batora. These included phrases such as “Batora lost some time here” and “Batora plays Minecraft”. Very sad!

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IDK DUDE i clicked the leaderboard and cheese isn't number 1 he's number 2 so i don't see the disrespect. so his youtube video still says world record, who gives a shit? the first comment I saw on the video was that his run sucks cause they've seen it done in 5 minutes. basically non speedrunners don't know shit who knew.

hell, there's a game I ran once where every other speedrun on youtube claims world record, every single one lmao.

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sm64 1 star 72345908:59:32.533 (WR!)

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The fact that you and not Batora is posting about this should tell you that you shouldn’t bother^^

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I can't be the only one who finds the replies here jarring in comparison to this thread.