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I’m trying to speed run a game on my Nintendo switch, but I don’t know how to record and set up the timers. Could somebody help me?

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you can start of by just pointing your phone's camera at your tv to record and depending on the game the timer isnt necessary
later on you can buy a capture card for better quality

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I just point my phone at the TV/Switch screen, or if it’s an IL less than 30 seconds I use the built-in screen recorder.

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> Turn on your Switch
> Go fast

Oh do you mean recording it? Check with game moderators to be absolutely sure but any method should be fine (phone camera or webcam aimed at TV or Switch screen is probably easiest, an HDMI capture card would provide the best video). You probably shouldn't speedrun on the Switch by playing it with attached joycons (since you couldn't guarantee the screen would remain in full view of the camera the entire run, not unless you held it super still and even if you did that, you'd probably be focusing more on that than on the run) but you should have plenty of options.

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I think the person is also asking how to set up a timer on-screen, for showing how long a run is... I've heard LiveSplit is a good timer, and might be compatible with Switch (not sure though).

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How do people find these older threads

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@floxy_dudefloxy_dude the way you get livesplits running is through OBS, if you want to record the game AND have livesplits you'd either have to hook up a camera to your PC that records your switch or just use a capture card (or edit it in in post like a psychopath)

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