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Muumit Ja Taikurin hattu

funny and relaxing finnish point and click game.
its a great game to do couple runs as a break from serious grinding in other games.

(i also just made an updated video tutorial for the run :3 )

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Speaking of serious grinding. Recent game that got added called GoGoGo! That has 641 categories in total to run.

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First drone racing game on the site AFAIK, very fun

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Would anyone be interested in speedrunning Minecaves btw I am a Minecaves mod if you have questions first checkout the leaderboards then if you still have questions please make a post in Minecaves and I will try to answer as many as I can. Here is a link to the leaderboards

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Took a long break from speedrunning, but now I'm back trying to find good free pc games to speedrun.

One of these games is "Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse". This game is a 3rd person shoot `em up game based off the tv series "Family Guy". The game is free to download from the resources section in the leaderboard's page. Personally, I think the length of the speedrun is really good clocking in at around 30 mins for the main category of this game (Any% - NG+ Solo) for a mid-level speedrunner of this game.

It's quite easy to learn the game since there's a full video tutorial on the main category of the game. There is also a lot of different categories for you to try out. And there's an autosplitter to ensure that everyone is playing on fair ground.

Some of the downsides that I could think of is:
1) To get a top level time, you have to use 1p2c (1 player 2 controllers) meaning you need to have access to a keyboard + controller and also learn to play using this technique.
2) There really isn't anything unique to this game in terms of the moveset and gameplay.

Besides that, this game is still a pretty fun game to speedrun and I highly recommend checking it out. And don't take my opinions on the downside of this game to literally since different people have different opinions.


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Life in Adventure

A mobile RPG Text game in which you can make several types of Speedruns, it is simple, direct, requires good memory of the player, good tactics and of course good RNG. The game usually takes more than 1 hour to complete, but speedruns can be done under 30 minutes. This is the link:

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hey guys, I would like to suggest to you my lightning ⚡ fast arcade 6DoF rocket racer: Boom Shocketa: Rocket Storm! 🔥🔥🔥

check out the trailer to see if this is your jam:

not only is this game raw (no established WRs), BUT the next person to achieve a WR on every single course will be enthroned in the credits of the game /forever/.

do you has?!

head to Discord [link in bio] with proof ASAP to claim!

free download here:

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Hey everyone! A game I would love to see more runners play is Tonic Trouble for the N64. It was used as a test engine for Rayman 2 and there are many cool glitches and sequence breaks in it. There are even the n64 prototype, pc beta (Special Edition) and pc retail that people like to speedrun.

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I recently submitted a game called No-El that I found on addicting games. I have worked for a little bit to get my time down and it would be great to get a few other people running the game. It is a puzzle game, and I got the time down to 3:22. If anyone wants other details about the game please message me.

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A short and fun to grind Scratch game. I highly recommend giving this game a try. It is one of the best Scratch games I've played, if not, the best.

(edited: ) plz run this 15 minute webgame

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TL;DR: Here's a game that anyone can buy for cheap, learn quickly, mostly skill focused, with plenty of room still for improvement across the categories.

Titanic: Adventure out of Time

Example Run

1996 PC game with a modern release readily available (a bit flawed to the original, but otherwise speediest option). Story involves a British agent on board the Titanic sent to retrieve various items which help avoid WW1, WW2, and the Russian Revolution. Explore the ship, talk to people, find the items, escape with your life and the future in your duffle bag.

Runs range from 6-12 minutes, depending on the category, and are relatively quick to learn. Most runs come down to technical execution of the keyboard and mouse controls, so good for those wanting a game that focuses mostly on skill. Aside from one simple glitch (a badly coded stairway), there's nothing complex to learn.

That said, some RNG does exists in all runs, namely a fencing game (stab me quicker!) and a randomized smokestack climbing maze (easy to learn the patterns). Some categories do require the player to win an all-or-nothing game of blackjack, but at these run lengths, a loss is not too devastating.

Don't let will_pal discourage you! Our star runner may have snatched all the leaderboards, but many categories still have plenty of margin to compete for, and I'm sure he would appreciate the challenge and motivation to run some more. WR aside, we welcome all to give running TOAT a go. ;D

Please take a look and consider it for your next speed game. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or join the Discord.


I'm not sure if this is a game that would be worth a leaderboard, but Tradewinds Legends has been the first game I've wanted to speedrun. I'd recommend people give it a shot- it's got a few laughs in it.

  BombBomb this is a cool new scratch game on the website that takes about 3 minutes to run. We don't have many runners right now and would like some more.


Marvelous: Another Treasure Island is a game that I got added to src almost 4 years ago, then lost interest in a few weeks later because I couldn't find any glitches, tricks or skips in it. (I'm the type of guy who likes fun glitches/skips in my speedruns 😉 ). However, recently after 4 YEARS, the community on discord was revived, and we've found almost 10 skips and all different types of tech that has been added to the route! I seriously recommend checking this game out. It's a JRPG made by the same person who went on to take over the zelda franchise, and is a really good speedgame. Low-level runs using the glitchless route can be done in 3-3.5 hours, and with glitches, 2.5-3 hours. A really good length in my opinion. We're finding new tricks and tech daily, and are looking for more glitch hunters and runners to join us on the community discord! If you do end up liking what you see, feel free to join with the link on the forums of the SRC page!

There isn't much rng in the game, and it is largely movement based with a focus on puzzles over combat largely. There are still bossfights and such, but the game definitely has a heavier focus on puzzles over fights. We hope to see you join the discord!

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I've recently completed setting up the page for Exoblast, and I'd love to see how low times can get for it! It's essentially competitive pong and you can shoot. The game is completely F2P and can run on in tegrated graphics, so everyone can run it!

Check it out here:

I hope to some of you there 😃

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Hey everyone, posting this so users can take a look and hopefully get more people onto speedrunning this game!

I'm sure quite a few of you know about strafe jumping in the Call Of Duty series. Well COD4 specifically takes massive advantage of this. We have strafe jumping, bouncing, fps switching, elevators, and some more things.

This all makes for either crazy custom jump maps, and my personal favorite. A custom speedrunning map.
This map is designed purely for speedrunning and even incorporates a leaderboard with timings into the hundredths.

You can view videos of speedrunning here;

To join the server all you need is Cod4 downloaded, open the console (~) and connect by typing in;

Hoping a few of join us! The community isn't too big but the top leaderboard spots are seriously competitive.


Bob-Omb Mario is my latest Super Mario Bros. hack - 22 new levels and two main gimmicks: Break bricks with bombs + super bounce off enemies.
The super jumps could be used to do some really cool runs.