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3 hrs might not seem like a lot but its a 24 second doodle, so thats over like a lot of runs. the way it works is that you need to get the highest score, and those seconds go higher, the higher placement you get lol. anyways, not like speedrunning, but my goal was 36 points (or seconds) and i got 36 3 TIMES WITHOUT RECORDING and it took me over 3 hrs of recording, 5 hrs of trying overall, and 2 hours of losing my sanity 🙂
and i finally did it. (p.s its basketball 2012 is the game)
ofc its not verified yet but i'd like to think it will get me 57th, which is pretty huge for me. (not my best placement overall, my best is 1st place (not verified yet either, but thats okay) what were your hardest runs that took you forever to beat? (and how long?)
P.S ( this is not my hardest run, my hardest run was setting the WR run,
which is this one ( )
it took me over like 12 hrs of recordings and 15 hrs of trying overall to get it. is the category
thanks for reading, and have a good day! 🙂

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Good job




my best run is 8th on pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen any% from 5 years ago but I made my account 10 months ago


You're welcome

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Your should go to a doctor to check your resection time

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resection time


Yes, resaction time