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If you have ever lost a PB or even a WR due to your wireless controller's battery dying during your run I'd love to hear your stories.

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While not technically because of batteries, there was a time where I had my Wii nunchuck malfunction more than 2.5 hours into a run. I mistook this for dying batteries and replaced them when I got to a lengthy loading zone later on, hoping that I'd be ok for the rest of the run. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The whole nunchuck was just broken. I lost more than 15 seconds to switching the nunchuck, yet in the end, the run WR'd by more than a minute

Hopefully this is the only time I encounter this in a run, as I can imagine it would be devastating to lose a WR to it.

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Haven't lost one to batteries, but I've had close calls for sure.

When I was running Marriage% on Rune Factory 1, my DS battery started to get very low only halfway through a nearly 2 hour run with basically no downtime in sight. Had to scramble to get the charger out, only to find that it was tangled with another cable. After trying to shake it loose, (given I'm playing with just one hand at this point,) I realize that's not going to work and I have to just roll with it.

A lot of this happens with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles as well. It was one of the games made for the GBA -> GCN link cable, and as such, plugging one in for single player provides extra functionality in the form of giving us a minimap and informing us of our bonus condition. We only really need to see it at certain points on two and a half hour run, with resets happening as far as an hour in sometimes, so my GBA's battery gets pushed to it's limit quite often.

The catch is that the link cable also covers up the charging input on a GBA SP (the kind I use). So, when that light goes red, you're left with quite the predicament.

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Not related to batteries or controllers because I play on PC.

But one time my entire neighborhood had a power-shortage, while I was near the end of a run (25 out of ~30 minutes).
Too early to tell if it could be a WR or not, because the last 3 minutes have a lot of potential for time loss. But I was on a good pace.

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I won't bore you with all the details but I was nearing the end section of a 40~ minute speedrun, and my mouse completely ran out of battery. It charges via micro-USB rather than removable batteries so I got up and found the cable.
Unfortunately, it ran out in a 4-minute PvE set, where I was absolutely killed to bits and lost far too much time.

What's funny is that's happened so very many times with my mouse, really need to keep it charged hopsuSleep

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Cole Gilbert failed a WR on Luigi Circuit in Mario Kart Wii last year to an earthquake.

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My keyboard battery ran out 21 minutes into a 25-minute run during my WR push in Manhunter: New York.
It was the highlight of an epic fail trail that also included twice losing the WR in the last three seconds of the run, and once losing it to a bug I have never encountered before or since. Got so silly I had to laugh at my own misfortune.

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Watch it till the end.

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I've never run out of battery since i mostly play pc and web games. I have accidentally caused game crashes, and closed the tab for a game i was playing on pace before though.


Was playing some odyssey and had my power go out. That was on my (current) PB of a 1:13, it was a godly run and I'm sad about it, OBS cut out at around 1 hour in.


i have notoriously bad luck with Celeste ARB runs. My worst fail was, in Reflection, the 3rd to last chapter in the game, my batteries ran out and i lost 2 minutes, i even played the hard parts perfectly 😓


Thank you everybody for sharing your stories 💜

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@GhostHNWGhostHNW That same thing has also happened to me before.


While I've never had my computer die while doing a run, I've had runs die due to it lagging while going into battery saver mode (not a wireless controller story but I think this is similar enough to be posted here)

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@GhostNHW yes it has. I’ve had multiple runs die to a “Low Battery” thing.