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What's the dumbest rule you've ever seen in the rules for a game here on SRC?


This thread already exists here:

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@ViperViper I tried looking for it earlier but couldn't find it lol that's why I made this one. I'm sorry


O.D.W. That reminds me.
There was one instance of a game where I was thinking to speedrun, but no rules have been defined.
The moderator was inactive, so I couldn't contact him for help.
In addition, the leaderboard had no runs at all (not even the run of the moderator who requested the game), so I couldn't even look at an exist run to copy what it does.

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Rule 4729: You can only use your nose to control the joystick



I've never played games by stupid rules

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@WalgreyWalgrey I lolled more at the name "milk god"

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@WalgreyWalgrey so did you collect all the milk?

I wouldn't consider meme-categories for "stupid rules" (as long as you mark them as misc)

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"Make all burritos possible and finish game. Nobody is going to do this category, but I just wanted to create a category called "Burrito%" because haha the game is focused around burritos... ugh..."

Exact quote from the rules of a game I found a while ago

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I once saw a game, that I believe has since been removed, where the person who set up the leaderboard immediately made such completely undisguised category bloat that he even named a category "Free WR%", with the rules something like "this category is to give my friend a wr as soon as he submits a run".

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Ratatouille: Food Frenzy used to have several short meme categories that were made solely because, and I quote "for a free world record on your profile".
Among these were a "Credits Warp" category (you go into the options menu and press credits), and IRL category, a Die category, and other unnecessary things.

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“Doug%” for Kids On Site (Sega CD). This is the only category for the game.

I think the rules changed a bit since there is now a second runner, but originally it was required to have a friend physically present with you during your run whose name is also Doug (this prevented me from running the game at the time). When a second runner got creative and submitted a run with various “Dougs” in the layout (Nickelodeon’s Doug, Doug Bradley aka Pinhead from Hellraiser) the rules were changed to “Must have a Doug with you” instead, for all of us lacking an actual friend named Doug.

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"No cheating No faking runs".

No kidding this is absolutely legit, on game Rooftop Snipers

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Vague ruling like that is present for many other games.

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personal favorite is when there is no "time starts" or "time ends" in the rules

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Having timer as a requirement in the rules just tells me the moderators are lazy (except load times)

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Speed Builders
Category rules are passable, 'use in-game time' but the game in question is generally played against random people, and I'm not sure how they identify these pros but I'd be interested to know.
In a way the rules are actually fine, banning cheaters, but screenshot evidence is accepted so...

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