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In a random seed 1.16.2 speedrun MC can I use badlion client, I use it for toggle sprint?

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You need to ask this question in the Minecraft forums found here

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Is it just me or all the threads with questions about a specific game Minecraft related lately?

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Well, it is currently the game with the most active players on the site. Maybe there's been a popularity surge?

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There was a surge in popularity mostly over the Youtuber and WR holder for some categories "Dream" as his channel has gotten a lot of attention the past couple months. (I play a lot of minecraft ok it's not a problem)

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Back to the originally asked question. Doesn't that version of Minecraft have an accessibility option to make sprint toggleable, meaning Badlion client (whatever that is) wouldn't be needed anyway?


Maybe there should be a pinned post to explain again that this is not a game specific forum for questions like this and the ones that have been posted in the past few weeks here.

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