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So I recently submitted my first run for a game however while I am waiting verification and I am wondering how do I go about updating my score?

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I mean like my time at the end of the run.

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Just submit a new run?

If you have a faster time, just delete your pending run

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Runs (or rather run submissions on this site) can be edited, which requires re-verfification. If it isn't verified yet, no loss at all, just find it in the pending actions and edit it?

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Don't edit an existing run/submission if you did a new run.
Always submit each run separately or not at all.

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Basically, you submit your individual runs as "separate runs" whenever you have done them.

Say you got a time of 5 minutes today. You submit and it gets accepted. That run will now show up.

The next day, you get a run of 4 minutes. You do not need to edit or alter your previous run. Just go to the same Submit Run button, fill out the info with your new time, and the database will automatically hide your old run on the leaderboard (but will keep track of it for purposes of counting how many runs you have submitted to the site. It's particularly nice when past WR's don't get edited ever, because if they do, they will disappear from a game's statistic page).

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This is important when people want to view your old runs on your profile.

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Are you sure it’s been verified? I only see three runs on your account.

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I see 4 runs from @TheUnknownMinecraftTheUnknownMinecraft listed in the recent runs tab of Minecraft: Glide Time Trials. The most recent of which is somehow obsolete:

Maybe something screwy is going on because none of them have video or anything at all besides a claimed time?

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It looks like a mix-up between real time and in-game time.

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Thank you, I managed to get some help from another mod.
Didn't realize that you guys had replied 😉

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