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Why do you guys accept videos w/o sound - they are clearly needed to move in segmented category.
Why do you accept self-moderation - some guy can just set yourself a moderator, clear all other videos. Or set more clearly unneeded rules.

and check https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​stonekeep/​run/​yojqlqjm
this is good ending run.


All communities represent their own game. So they can choose the rules, including moderation standards.

No sound is finnicky, and the easiest tell for a splice, but depending on the community, they can accept it.
We from the Untitled Goose Game team decided that we want audible sfx and music for top 10 runs, and anything beneath that we don't mind too much if the audio is missing. Among other differences.

As for self verifying runs; A moderator is the representation of the concensus of that speedgame. If you do not trust that person there's something wrong.
I'm not saying everyone should do that, as it is a second verification, and a sign of goodwill that you're not self verify, but if you can't trust them, who can you trust?
And if there are actual red flags (changing rules for self-benefit, cheating), you might want to talk to the staff on this website with specific cases.

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"If you cannot trust moderators verifying their own runs, how can you trust them verifying others?"

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I don't self-verify (not unless I'm the only mod) and I've asked fellow moderators in communities of mine with multiples not to do it either. I just think it's bad form. It makes it look like the mod is above the rules, when they are surely not.