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I want to inform you guys that, I've just added HMM I,II and III on the site, so If there is any Heroes speedrunner, I want to wish him or her luck... ;3


Hi, I'm currently planning to run Heroes of Might and Magic II, and possibly other games in the series later on. Right now I'm playing the original two campaigns, then the four expansions. I've spent the last week routing Roland% and tried an initial run a few hours ago. I don't have any streaming software set-up yet, so I just took a screenshot of the highscore list w/ my timer. Time was about 2:25:05; I kept screwing up my split buttons on first attempts, took a couple pauses, and RNG. Lots of RNG.

Would you mind if you could add me as a mod? I would like to be a part of organizing the categories.

Here's the screen.


Actually, as a series supermod you can add mods for games within the series, or the series itself.


Dear adamdotpng and killer249,

I would like to be one of moderator for the game Heroes of Might and Magic 2 please. I will do a lot of runs on this game (i'm intensively training) on different categories ? Can i am please ? I'm moderator for Koudelka game so i will a good job =)

I thank you a lot in advance,



I found this old thread, and thought this would be good way to contact Heroes of Might and Magic III mods.

Any chances I could be one of the moderators of HoMM3?
Im currently one of the few active players speedrunning this game, and would love to help others and moderate this particular game.



No, this is actually the worst way to contact the mods. There is probably a 0% chance any of the mods will see this since posting here does not generate any notifications (it really doesn’t do anything).

The mods for that game were online just a few hours ago, so post in the game’s forum or reach out to the mods on their social media links if you have questions or concerns.

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