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Moderator sent me a message and told me that I was cheating even though he has no evidence that I do that. Some random person told moderator that I run the game with two players by playing in turns half the game. Moderator believed even without any evidence, and now I have to use a face cam and a microphone to prove that I am not two people running the game. That is insane. They are the ones who have to prove that I am cheating, not me.


Sounds frustrating. Would you mind if you provided more details and screenshots if possible?


That's the conversation and it includes a link of the fake edited text file that some random person created and used it as evidence to reject all my runs,


Yeah those mods should be removed from their mod positions, or at least should reinstate your run or remove ZoneVD's run. What if I think they cheated? Gotta remove his own runs now cause me saying it is definitely enough proof 🙂

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>loaded from a save state
lmao yeah I'd reject it too. Fine pointing out the other run that does the same thing, it should be removed as well, but that's no reason to accept your run. As for whatever text file has to do with anything, whatever proof it gives, I have no clue. Not sure how that could be proof of anything.

Also we have no way of believing your DMs, since they could be faked as well, part of the reason why I'm against using them for reasons like this, but what are ya gonna do I suppose.

edit: Site mods can clear up pretty quickly if the DMs are real of course, but it's still an annoying extra step for everyone else. Where is the text file even pulled from anyways, SRC? Twitch? IRC? regardless a terrible reason to reject runs, though he's right about save states.

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I really wouldn't mind if my runs got removed because of using save states. I could easily run a new time without a save state in the beginning. What bothers me is that he's trying to prove that I cheated about something that is impossible to prove. You can't know how many people play if you don't use a webcam. It's useless to even argue about it.

I complained about the moderator on the moderator thread. Is there anything else I can do to report TheMotherBrain86 and get my runs back?


Yeah it's not like it's a long game either and you're right, no way to prove that you passed the controller off anyways. I'd say just wait for site mods to chime in here.


Agree that it can be very hard/impossible to prove that a run was not played by 2 different people (unless the play style was visibly changed, but probably not in this type of game).

What does the load from save state means, in this game?
Of course save states shouldn't be used in speedruns, but watching the run of the other guy, there is a quick load of the main menu, and then the game starts from scratch. Why something like this won't be allowed?


It can affect RNG, but this game doesn't have RNG so it is a pointless rule.


Loading a save state in general for any speedrun should be out right not allowed, regardless of the affect it can have on the run.

But yeah for a more specific reason, it can affect "RNG" and/or patterns in the game. In a game like Castlevania we found awhile back that sub weapons drop on certain frames, and that the game keeps track of this from power on, meaning a save state skipping the 9ish seconds of title screen and intro could set them up for drops for free by giving them the same enemy patterns every time.

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who would cheat in a run by passing the controller to a friend?? :DD


This is sad to read.

All accusations came from an earlier mod for The Smurfs who found the text that has been filed towards @LPSdynamiksiLPSdynamiksi on his own channel on a video that he himself deleted. Unfortunately he did not screen capture the fiasco so I cannot prove that it was actually said except for the fact that the one who was mod before can be trusted.

In this case I will keep it at the fact that save state were use and warn the other runner he should do the same by just resetting instead of loading a state.

If anybody feels like removing me from my mod status in the Smurfs go right ahead, but I do accuse @LPSdynamiksiLPSdynamiksi of lying and spreading poison.


Can you read? I never said in that link that I play with 2 players. I knew you would misinterpret it that way because you would do anything to reject my runs. I said that "EVEN IF I HAD" done that. It would not matter because there are no rules that say it is not allowed. I can't believe how desperate you are.

Also, It was not Baruch who made the accusation, it was some random Finnish person who wanted to falsely accuse me. So even if you think Baruch is reliable, the one who lied to Baruch is not.


So wait, you only give ZoneVD a warning but remove my run? What an unfair decision. And I hope you will be banned soon. Calling me a liar won't change it, sorry.


Sorry, but I am not desperate to reject any run. I love it when people get better in speedrunning a game, and it's great to push each other in a game and see people improve in whatever game we speedrun. This is why speedrunning is such a great community.

It is you who is making a big deal out of this. Why would you delete your own videos and edit your info after being called out that is was not 100% fair what you did?

I hope you come out better after this, and if the mods do see me as a thread, than so be it. I would rather step down proud in a great speedrunning community than being talked down by somebody who has to lie about his own actions just make himself feel good.

EDIT: And go ahead, re-submit without loading a save state, I'll accept them, because you are right, I don't have nothing to proof that you played with 2 players, you only have yourself to blame it wasn't legit.


I have not deleted any video or edited anything. Stop with the accusations already. I can't believe how easy it is to ruin somebody's reputation. The random person fooled Baruch and you. You insisting that I am a liar won't change the facts, sorry.


If you deleted my run because of a save state then you have to remove ZoneVD's run too. IF you don't, I will have to report mods for that instead.