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Hello, first post here. My name is nick, and I’ve beat this game over 100 times, but just now started learning to speed run. I am playing on Xbox 1 (60fps), and I’ve noticed that I can do a segment exactly the same as someone on pc, and come out much slower. Not matter what it seems like the IGT is delayed on console. I know losing times are longer, but is this true? Also, any tips for this console version would help. Thanks!


Whatever game you're talking about, this would best be addressed in its specific forums.

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I'll bet ya a nickel this is the game in question ->

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Mcbe doesn't have igt though


In a lot of games, consoles are slower than PC due to frame rate. I would check out the game you are planning on running, as they most likely have a category split, or a fix for the issue.

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Oh I’m sorry, I thought I was on the resident evil 4 page


Darn, I could've won a nickel.

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