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I made a homebrew NES game, "Bowels Of The Beast", using NESmaker. Now I want to upload to here so people can speedrun it. Is it a difficult process to get a homebrew game accepted by someone who is new to this site? Dowload links to my game below:

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I did it. Thank you! 1-4 weeks, I hope it gets accepted!

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Check this time out................. Can u beat that?


Congrats on soon getting your game on SRC, getting the wr for it & becoming mod for the game SeemsGood


Nice. If it gets accepted, I'll run it

I've attempted to get a couple approved, but they didn't make it

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What games did you try to accepted??? I feel like a don't have a snowballs chance in hell since my game is an unknown homebrew.


I think one thing that does help is it being a known game and letting the mods read about the game on the internet. Also, nothing trivial. Wish you luck with it though

I tried to get "Bob's World" uploaded, but there was a problem with it being unavailable in the US / Canada (I'm from the UK)

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you can get pretty much anything in nowadays. things like (which is literally just chess) have been recently added and not too long ago solitaire was added

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That is what I like to hear! I am the Go Fish! champion of the world!

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“ you can get pretty much anything in nowadays”

Unless it’s a Scratch series apparently, they won’t even give us an unmoderated one. A series is objectively necessary but what do I know? My brain doesn’t even compare to that of the all knowing site staff.

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It would be helpful, because not all games have (Scratch) in them, making them not easily searchable.

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Yep. is allowing Among Us clicker to exist, but not a scratch series? Src must be on some downward spiral or something...

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I also tried to add a My Friend Pedro series and they declined.

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It got rejected because i didn't have enough contacts on my profile. Resubmitted that s.o.b.!

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Unless it’s a Scratch series apparently

I don't know what are the decisions behind accepting or rejecting new series.
But I would argue that Scratch is a site platform for hosting/making games; and other than that, the Scratch games have absolutely nothing in common.
It's like making a series for Html5, Unity, or Flash games.

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I feel like it'd be similar to ROBLOX where people can just look through the series if they want to find any games to speedrun, even if many of them don't relate to each other

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I think it boils down to semantics at this point.
I feel like ROBLOX is more similar to large series like Mario, Pokémon, Sonic.
Do most games in those series relate to each other (in terms of plot/story)? Not really, but they are still in the same "universe".

(As opposed to series like Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Hearts; where there is clear sense of progression between games.)