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i want mod but how do i get


Are you requesting a game that’s not on the site, or are you requesting moderation for a game that’s already on the site.

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As a moderator of over 70 games let me tell you, you do not want to be a moderator. It is a mostly thankless position and it can and will consume most of your time if you are not careful. Don't do what I did.

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you want to be a moderator trust me

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@GarshGarsh, if you don’t want to be a mod for 70 games, then step down as a mod.

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It's not like new game moderators suddenly have to moderate 70+ games. It is a gradual process.

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Yea I know that. I’m saying if he dosnt want to moderate all those games, then step down from a few

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Being a mod is a lot more work than you think, and verifying runs is only a very small portion of the list of duties. If you want to just worry about verifying runs, ask to be a verifier, as it's a much easier position to manage and is usually an easier position to get (as long as you are semi-active in your community and know how to time runs properly)

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I know that its hard. I'm saying just step down from a few games


Pretty sure you are responding to the wrong person 😶

But to back up @GarshGarsh, it's quite hard to come by good mods now days for games with small communities, such as some of the ones Garsh mods. Not saying they don't exist, because there are great mods for small games that put a lot of effort into categories, rules, promo, etc. While 70 games may seem excessive and potentially overwhelming, I can understand why he would not want to step down from some of the games.

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Exactly what @ViperViper said. Leaving the smaller games moderatorless or with a moderator that I do not trust would be irresponsible and probably damaging. In most of the games I moderate (even those with other moderators) I verify a majority of the runs, and I am ok with that. I once left for a week to go on a vacation and came back to a queue of over 100, I cannot imagine the problems it would cause for these communities and their other moderators if I was to just delete my account or step down.

Also, I know most people do not come to the site planning to moderate that many games. When I created my account I wasn't planning to moderate any games until I decided to request one. Eventually I ended up with a second, then a third. Then I went from 3 to 50 in a month, It slowly ticked up from there as I tried to help different communities clear long queues. The point is that even if someone doesn't intend to moderate many games, it can spiral out of control very quickly. I'm just trying to warn people against doing what I did, if he still wants to go into game moderation that is his choice.

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As someone who moderates over 80 games and has basically the same story as Garsh, stepping down from games is harder than it sounds. Obviously I could just leave most of the games but for me at least that comes with some guilt. Even if the game is completely dead, I still feel responsible for maintaining the leaderboard. But anyway back to the original question, you don't want to be a mod, trust me.

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Proclaimer: going a bit off topic from the original question (as a few people before me)

As someone who moderates 4 games and has basically a totally different story than @GarshGarsh & @TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster ... sorry I had to do this ... somehow I find this funny 😃
Anyway... It seems to me that you guys are trying way too hard. I just hope you guys are not burning out by doing a lot of work.
Sure, it is nice for the community to have their runs verified quickly by some experienced mod who verifies hundreds of runs regularly. But if you feel it is too much for you, I'd recommend you to do something about it. In the end you have to ask yourself the question if it is worth it for yourselves.

Speaking from a personal example: When I said to my coworkers that I'm gonna change to a different department I felt guilty for leaving them too. Leaving them a shitton of work & not so nice prospects for a time to come. But on the other hand I felt I needed to leave this community for my own good (& hopefully for the good of my new colleagues too).

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These replies are looooooong


yeah being mod is hard and the more powerful the mod position the harder it is


Why did you respond to a week old thread?