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As a mod of some games, I have two questions regarding IGT settings:

1. For a game which has different Real time and Game time, is there a way to submit a run with both real and game time, but make the game time as the primary time for that game?
Right now, the solution I found for the site to tell the game time everywhere, is not posting real time at all.

2. Might be connected, is there a way to sort runs by the game time, in case both real and game time are present?
The best example I found for this is "Robot wants Kitty"
There are different categories for RTA and IGT, which require different strategies in the game.
But the submissions for IGT are still ranked by their respective RTA time, results in the leaderboard being in a "wrong" order


On the Edit Game page, set the "Default timing method" to in-game time. That should solve both problems.