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How interested would people be?

Early days planning would mean it would be held in either Sept/Oct 2016 or more likely, 2017. Held in either Sydney or Melbourne. This is for multiple reasons.

This wouldn't be a low key event done in someone's basement, but a proper rig by people from the broadcasting industry covering multiple days - depending on interest - either from three days to a week worth of coverage.

After gauging a response from people at ESA, there seemed to be a very strong interest from people considering there were some conditions met;

- that the event was organised with enough time to allow people to save up to travel.
- that the event was properly orchestrated, and not a minor setup.
- that the event was not held in the Australian Summer, and even then, the building has reasonable temperature control.

Unlike the only other Australian marathon this year which was only Australian runners, held in Adelaide, this will be an event to hopefully attract people to come visit Australia.

So, if enough people are interested, I am willing to properly organise an Australian speedrunning marathon in the spirit of ESA and with a setup, environment and atmosphere that is worth traveling for.

Who's in?

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I hope I will be available for this if it's held in 2017 (probably as a spectator). 😛

I'm guessing you know this already, but softman organised AVcon and would be a good person to contact.


I'm just getting into speedrunning and would love to both participate and spectate. Melbourne resident so that's my obvious preference. Currently the only game I run is TowerFall, not sure how much hype or competition it would bring but I'd love to see the game get more attention.


As a guy who went to ASM i would be fully keen and able to return and offer my support for anything of this matter, Also what about Brisbane as a potential venue also, I can easily make it to either of the cities however just don't rule out Brisbane. I'll talk to you more on Star Wars IRC man


ASM was a lot of fun and with early preparation this could work out to be a good thing.
Ideally Sydney or Melb are top choices for an event imo.
I'd be happy to help as much as possible.


turb0 and Washeyy, can you please private message Skype info (either DM via. Twitter or Twitch) so I can involve you please?

Announcement of marathon will be happening before the weekend is out.

Location is looking like Melbourne for this first one.


ASM was awesome and I'm so down for a bigger & better marathon.
I'd like to help out if I can't get a run up to scratch to submit


I only wish I was not located in Canada so I could attend one of these awesome events in person.
But alas I cannot, but I do hope that others get in on this, and that it goes well with success.


Well, i tried contacting you on #Starwars IRC on speedrunslive but no reply, however my skype is liam09487 so go ahead and add me and i can put you in the ASM group


As nice as it would be to have a week-long speedrunning event in Melbourne that people from across the globe come to attend, there is literally no way that's going to happen out of the blue. Games Done Quick didn't just spring up as events that raise over a million dollars overnight, and the way you're talking about this it seems like you expect to start from there and somehow get even more successful.


No, I don't expect it to be more successful. Not even close. That is also why it's all under the disclaimer of "depending on interest" and the length of marathon non-specific at this stage.

But the point stands that it's not going to be organised if there isn't enough interest to warrant it, but if there is, it's getting done properly. This does not mean renting the convention center, but it does mean that we make sure it's of quality.

There is also support from external parties, which will be announced shortly.


AMVX please add me, Softman or Washeyy on Skype, If you contact someone from the ASM group we can talk further about a potential marathon.


I am also interested in attending speedrunning marathons in Australia.
I run Donkey Kong Country 1 and I would be thrilled to do All Stages runs (approx 40 mins) at any marathons that get organised.

Some other things I can offer are:
- Graphic design work (For the stream or anything else that could use some colour)
- General setting up

Lets try to get some awesome marathons happening in 2016 😃


I run Shadow Warriors (Ninja Gaiden) on NES and would be very interested in attending/running at this event 🙂
My current PB is 14:48 but I'm constantly working on beating it.


Im in Canberra. If you ever want to move this to multiple states I can organise a 100+ seating venue with 2 projector screens, multiple cameras setup as well as crew for free. Just not sure of the runner population down here.

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Id be down for attending a marathon in the future.

Either as a runner or spectator. Would depend on the date though. Im looking to attend as many as four fighting game events between now and May, so as long as its not too close to one of them it should be alright.


Are there any updates on this? I'd definitely be keen for any Sydney events.