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So I plan to start running and playing some SFC exclusive games. Since I can't get my hands on either a cart of the game, nor the system itself, what emulators are legal for the games? If I'm starting the community for a new game, could I make certain emulators legal for the game, or is there a universal law on SFC/SNES games?

^ that might help, about emulators

Besides the list in there, i suggest asking the community of the game you plan to run just in case.


Thanks. Since there is no community for JJBA runners (at least any that speak english), I guess I'll just follow the basic rules.


The list posted on what xDrHellx isn't a fixed list of emulators.
It's the SRL list of emulators.
SRL is a speedrunning community with its own rules.
The main thing is that the community (if you are alone, you choose) should agree on that.
However the community can be inspired by SRL rules.
So, don't do SRL => Game Rules.

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There are imho 2 good choices for SNES/SFC emulators:

has bsnes/higan integrated, which is known for its great accuracy
there are 2 versions of it, one for weak PCs with a bit less accuracy and one for strong PCs that is very accurate
I don't recommend using higan directly, because it has great input delay.
- games with special chips (e.g. Yoshi's Island or MMX3) need A LOT of computing power
- the accuracy is not perfect, at least the Yoshi's Island community bans Bizhawk because it has less lag than a real SNES

has some small input lag and runs at a slightly slower framerate, but can run every game with a normal PC


I'd HIGHLY recommend snes9x over BizHawk just due to it being less intensive to use. Since JOJO is an rpg you'd be fine. As for version of 9x to use, I'm honestly unsure but I used 1.51 when I started out 3 years ago


I must actually say it depends on the computer if you'd choose bsnes higan or snes9x.

If your computer is decent enough just straight go for bsnes since it's more accurate. I mean, if it works it's fine. Why using something worse if you're capable of using something better that's legit? ^^ I thought myself first I shouldn't try bssnes at all since so many people were saying it's so hard to run it while streaming etc. I gave it a try and my cpu just goes up to 28% with it running.

I'd say people should give it a try if the requirements are met and if they like it use it and if it's to much for their pc just use snes9x instead. As long as it isn't banned for a game obviously.