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It seems fairly unlikely on SR.C, because moderators are supposed to reject runs that are clearly not trying to beat the game quickly, but has one perchance slipped through on this site?

If I slowrun a game or level and want to put it on SR.C, I would put it in a forum post for the game, or perhaps in this thread!

One example for me might be the first enemy in Columns III (the spider), of course without pausing, and I'd just not use items if it's a later enemy to uphold not pausing. I usually save them all for the sphinx anyway. The snake is also a great bet for longest time against any enemy, because it will always wait for you to use the "crush bar" attack before retaliating, so if you never use it, the snake won't either, and won't pile itself out! It knows how to keep from topping out this way. If I slowran two out of three for the match (or even the whole game!! - very challenging to get the sphinx at the end, especially without items so I don't pause!! [Or maybe pause but I need to pick and use an item in 5 seconds or something]), I would start the next rounds immediately like it's a speedrun to uphold the spirit of not pausing (just go slow during actual play.)

Maybe that last paragraph belongs on the Columns III forum, but there's only one sporadic user besides me on it, and I got a completely dead one to a little life at least while I was working on speedrunning that game.

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@KaiKai. slowran minecraft classic in 3 hours

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You can find several obvious slowruns on the SMB1 leaderboard. A prolific spambot already found the slowest.

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Honestly if you guys were to agree, I would only do slowrunning because I would be bad at the game, and have the, "slowest run WR!!!!!".

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Don't we call those anti-WRs? Anyway I did one but deleted it later. I'll probably do another soon.

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Just for reference, the relevant site rule is “Runs that are clearly not making an effort to beat the game's category quickly may be rejected.” Meaning game moderators aren’t “supposed” to reject slow runs; it’s up to their discretion whether to do so or not.

Here’s one example of a verified slowrun I’m aware of:

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Here’s another slightly different example. The category is Nipple%, which normally takes around 10 minutes, but the runner completed it in the middle of an all moons run (pretty much just an 100% category).

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Now that's a real pro move.

I've had a few legitimately last place times, but I've not yet done this despite my propensity for memes

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This one wasn’t intended cuz I suck at minesweeper:


Wtf is that game

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Here's my anti-WR that I was talking about earlier (WARNING: Loud)

It actually got verified on the boards before I removed it shortly later (this is Trap Team IL #2)
This video took 3 hours to render

I also have a 30-ish minute anti-WR for Giants IL #1, but haven't uploaded it.

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cagney carnation done in 11 hours! wow!

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@diggitydiggity This is absolutely brilliant.

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In Dragster, I decided to go the slowest possible time the game will allow you to finish. I got lazy and figured close enough, and then Buffalax, and old runner beat my anti-WR, and I never bothered getting it back.

That was 4 years ago, and it stands:

Of course, back when I did it, there were only like 30/40 runs on the board, lol.

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Maybe a "slow run dot com" is in order, for slow runners. Intentional slow running here is like asking the mods to hate you


i personally haven't done one before but karlson lb got a joke leaderboard for them . Current "wr" is this :