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i like memory games / puzzle games because i speedrun cat in japan and there is no games, both puzzle games/memory and it is fun! both of those games is really about how fast you imput things, not tricky glitches


Open Season - an amazing adventure game, estimated time takes less than an hour and it doesn't require any overlord skills to pull off great times.

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I can’t get rid of emulators so I can’t play. Why can’t we have them in the first place.??????


The easiest in my personal opinion is Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. It can be run in less than 100 minutes (Any% WR is 1:29:53)


I'd say just find a game that is fun and play it you can do what ever you want and you can just practice skips I was like really bad a achievement unlocked speed running but now i'm 13th and climbing.


This thread just isn't gonna die is it?


Anyway, I would say that Roblox is FULL of quick and easy games to speedrun as they take less than half an hour to beat.
But at the same time, you need an account and you need to download the 'Roblox Player'.


I have only tried to speedrun celeste, but i dont feel like my time is good enough to upload.
Do you think Portal is a good game to speedrun for beginners?


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