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We could make a Speedruner Vs Hunters from Minecraft Console and record the time and video! What do you think of this idea?

¡Podríamos hacer un Speedruner Vs Hunters desde la consola de Minecraft, y grabar la hora y el video! ¿Qué piensas de esta idea?

Poderíamos fazer um Speedruner Vs Hunters do Minecraft Console e gravar o tempo e o vídeo! O que vocês pensão dessa ideia?


We could play cross-play, for example: PSVITA and PS3. PS4, XBOX ONE and Nitendo Switch. Xbox 360. Something like that understood?

Poderíamos jogar cross-play, por exemplo: PSVITA e PS3. PS4, XBOX ONE e Nintendo Switch. Xbox 360. Algo assim entenderam?

Podríamos jugar cross-play, por ejemplo: PS VITA y PS3. PS4, XBOX ONE y Nintendo Switch. Xbox 360. ¿Entendido algo así?


I'm not sure I'm following what you mean, but I'll say yes anyway


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Mobility (PSVita)

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The 2 posts above my post is a example of getting ratio’d on

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Ok but seriously, Open Season GBA is so good

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It might seem unbelievable, it was to me at first, but it really is

A nice speedgame with a bit of length to it, but not too much, and a variety of strats that are easy to start with, but have really high skill potential.

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