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This bot, RUN GET, will relay to your Discord server any newly verified speedruns for any game you give to it. If you have a server for a game or game series, then this is perfect for sharing new runs with everyone.

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Awesome bot! I'd love it if you could make it continue adding games even if there's a repeat title:

@runrun GET #new-mobile-runs cb
@runrun GET #new-mobile-runs cb sdd treemaker dcr slime_slasher // This stops on cb

Also being able to list the games being watched would be awesome

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Very nice job on this!

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I can likely get that done either tonight or tomorrow @OxkniferOxknifer



Duplicates shouldn't short-circuit the loop now.

?rungetgames will list all games. If you add ! (?rungetgames!) then it'll list the channels, too.

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You can now DM the bot games (using the game abbreviation from SRC) and it'll alert you when a new submission is made (a great feature for moderators of games).

To remove a game, use the abbreviation but with an ! in front of the game.

You can also have the bot notify you of every game that you moderate by DMing it your SRC name (or Twitch name, if you've linked it to SRC) with a asterisk at the end (like dadinfinitum*).


Thought I'd post and say, I'm a fan of the simplicity of the bot and what it does. Recently started using it in our community and it was a welcomed addition, hope to see more development out of this.

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Good news @DangerlessDangerless - a new feature emerges!

Now you can follow runners in addition to games in a server. Add them like you would a game, but put an asterisk at the end (like dadinfinitum*).

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You can now nickname the bot whatever you'd like in your servers by doing

@runrun GET !nick A New Nick Name