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@JessicaSix if all you can do is insult other people and try to get around rules by using a different language, just delete your account before a mod does it.

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Geeez this thread is toxic af haha. But avoiding all that, a game I've started checking out recently is Turok 2, and it's essentially all IL/basically segmented at this point in time bc the majority of active runners for that game choose to do IL instead for some reason.

So, to summarize, IL/segmented is still alive, you just have to know where to look is all. For some games it's most popular, not least popular/a totally dead option.

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@JessicaSix Site staff reserve the right to ban you without giving a reason, which translates to "They can ban you for pissing them off if they want to"

So maybe it would be best to not mock the fact that you haven't been banned yet.

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"Du hast meine volle aufmerksamkeit, versprochen, mal sehen was da noch alles kommt von dir, und ich werde warten wen du noch einen fehler machst, damit ich dir den gleich an den kopf schmeissen kann, so wie du es machst. Erwarte keinen respekt von mir nach der nummer die du hir gepostet hast ; )" -JessicaSix
Here we go again:
"You got my whole attention, promised, let's see what your talking about in the future, and i'll wait until you do another mistake so I can throw it at your face like your doing it. Don't expect that I respect you after your post here ; )"

Btw, you shouldn't insult others just because they insulted you, instead either ignore them or try to solve the problem.


"I wait for a answer !" Not everyone got 24/7 time to look on the forum.

And why don't you just contact the mods and try to change their opinions about it instead of waiting here?



Segmented runs are cheated runs if you submit them to a Single-Segment leaderboard.

Most leaderboards are Single-Segment leaderboards.

If you want a Segmented category in a particular game, take it up with that game's moderators, not the people running

As for there not being a rule: Assume that a leaderboard is setup for Single-Segment runs ONLY, unless specified otherwise.

Hope this was helpful 🙂

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If it bothers you so much, then go run a game that does have a segmented category such as


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I don't mean to butt in or stir up conflict, but having seen how anal some people can get on the internet (which in itself causes and continues this vicious cycle resulting in making communities toxic), I would implore you to let go of whatever beef you might have with other people.

As for segmented runs, this should be separate from other runs, though I wouldn't begrudge it in really long games such as Digimon World 3 which is above 7 hours, or games which can be upwards of 10-15 hours. But to make things interesting, perhaps there should be higher rankings for such runs that have less resets. Perhaps make segments of approximately 2 hours long each?


Exactly Drakodan, I basically suggested the same thing. Go run Turok 2 JessicaSix, there's the option to submit single-segment sure, but no one has even really done it bc segmented is the way to go in that game. IL is king there. And I'm sure there are tons of other games where this is the case. Your energy is better spent searching those out than searching out a ban lol.

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FF9 has an Any% Segmented category. This site is not single segment only, the mods for any game can add a category for segmented runs at their discretion.

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What? These two statements aren't like the opposite or so, I can agree to both!

KomradeKontroll said that segmented runs are cheated [b]if you submit those to single-segmented leaderboards[/b] while Timmiluvs gave a example of a segmented leaderboard.

Btw, i'm sure not all mods think it's cheated, just talk to some, maybe they add a segmented category. Chances are high that they won't do it on short runs, probably only on long ones like 10h+ or so.


On FF it's more of a legacy thing now.

A lot of the FF mods wouldn't really add segmented for any of the others games, because a lot of people see it just as a way to submit runs without the time commitment to doing a run single segment. Which doesn't fit into their vision of what segmented is.

For example, Essentia's and Reverv's segmented runs are still far ahead of Luzbelheim's single segment WR. The quality of those segmented runs is far higher than anything done with FF9 single segment. THAT is what a segmented run is.

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I think segmented runs are mostly for games that people find it hard to do in one sitting, like the game is totally exhausting.


Drama and name-calling in the thread aside, it's probably because segmented runs, similar to TAS's, aren't really a competition (except maybe by the tiniest, tiniest margins). There is a certain best time that can be gotten on a segmented run or a TAS. Much more variance and, accordingly, suspense and competitiveness, in RTA's.


I think segmented runs are mostly for games that people find it hard to do in one sitting, like the game is totally exhausting. Not originally anyway. If people are doing them for that reason, that's cool I guess. But there's plenty of games where the shortest category is over 10 hours long, and people just run them as RTA's.