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I just recorded this earlier today, new PB. Doom isn't a game that requires Livesplit because the records use the in game timer. But I wanted to set up Livesplit just for fun.

I finish E1M4 +1.60 seconds behind my personal best run, yet it appears gold, as if it was my PB. Why would this be? It should be red, as it usually is when I'm behind my PB. This is most bizarre! Surely by default every +delta will always be in red? It doesn't matter, I'm just curious why this is.

Thanks 🙂


Gold is best segment, meaning that is the fastest you have done that particular split


But I was slower overall. My E1M4 was my PB yes (segment). It was 0.33 seconds faster than my PB. But I was 1.6 seconds behind my PB overall time, so that should've been +1.6 seconds in red, no? How is it possible to have +x.xx in gold?

doesn't + mean slower. And - mean faster?


Yes and gold overrides both. If you complete a segment faster than you've ever completed it before, it will be gold (or whatever you configure it to be)


You could be six hours behind and still get a gold split. Gold means absolutely nothing about the quality of the full run. It only refers to the quality of the segment.

I thought this was gonna be about getting a gold when you lose time (that happens when a split is missing in the comparison run).


I'm not talking about segment. I am talking about the full run. I'm behind my PB so why should it be gold? I know I completed the segment faster than I ever have, I can see that in the column of segment deltas.

If you're saying gold means nothing about the quality of the full run, then why do you get colours for the full run at all? (comparison to PB) Might as well they all be in white? But they aren't, you get green, light green, red, gold. What's the point in the colours if they don't mean anything?

It just doesn't make sense. For my E1M4, the segment (map) delta should've been -0.33 in gold, which it rightly was, and the full run PB delta (run) should've been +1.60 in red, which it was not. It was gold. Even though I was behind.

If you check my video you'll see that I set up two columns of deltas. One column for segments, and the other for the full run. This is where my query comes in. I already know that my segment is the fastest I've ever done, because the -0.33 is in gold. Surely the full run delta, which is behind my PB, should be in red? Unless this is just beyond the limits of what the software can do?


In LiveSplit’s eyes, gold is gold no matter what. So, yes, what you’re asking it to do is a limitation of the software and won’t be possible. When you achieve a best segment, the split is always gold no matter what. Regardless of how you have your deltas or columns setup, a fastest segment will always be gold whether you’re ahead or behind. Even in your delta for the full run, it knows you achieved a fastest segment so it made your split gold, despite still being behind.

LiveSplit is working as intended and designed, it sounds like you’re looking for something that it can’t do.


Thanks. Yeah no problem.

I just mess about with it a lot in the end and tbh I cannot imagine how difficult it was to program something like this. It was as I suspected. Just confirmation really. Thanks for the detailed answer. I was thinking along those lines, I thought hmm, it must be just because my segment was the fastest, so it just auto makes the PB comparison gold too. As I said in my OP, it doesn't matter, Doom isn't even recorded via real time. I just found the Livesplit software pretty fun to mess around with and configure.



I mean I think you can tell it to never show your gold splits. If that's something you want.