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longest one is 9 min and 15 sec run.
olympic doodle with warp allscrolls

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I swear I remember answering this question before.
Last time I said it was a 100% run of Skylanders: Giants, with a time of 7:51:57.

Now it's the same category, just on the hardest difficulty, with a time of 8:43:29.

I really want to improve this run someday, and I want to have an even longer run too.
(Maybe it'll be Labyrinth 2 All Awards, that category is at least 33 hours long)

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My longest PB is at Warlords 2 100% Lord at Hadesha Campaign with 2:23:23.
My longest run was at The Lost Vikings with 2:41:55 but I improved my PB to half that time pretty much.

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my longest speedrun is plants vs. zombies 100% at 8:09:43 back in 2019

i have tried to break the sub 8 hour mark several times and each time something went wrong which killed the run roughly 5 hours in. i love the category but apparently it does not love me

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A Plague Tale: Innocence - All Collectibles Glitchless in 3:46:16

I normally stick to runs that are like around the 30-60 minute range, but I really enjoyed APT:I so I didn't mind the length 😃

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If Im not wrong my longest was 16 minutes in the last pocket rally challenge 1 map. I was thinking about doing a run of the 30 c1 maps back to back soon but Im more into short runs


The Longest run I've attempted doesn't have any recorded attempts, because it's the entire playthrough of This is the Police, which at a guess would've taken 10+ hours, 3 hours in I noticed the recording had corrupted and I've been to nervous to retry it.

The longest run I've completed was a 2hr 15 minute run of Rock Band 1's Singleplayer tour, but I've removed the run just now because I'd rather not appear semi-publically in real life on the site.

The longest run I've completed that's still viewable is a 1hr 23 minute Mario Kart Wii 32 track run, which was surprisingly engaging and fun, I must go back and improve the time at some point.

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It's a Kingdom Hearts 1 Any% Beginner run which took me 4h03m36s. I did it yesterday.

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