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Next generation of speed running guys?


Um, well, I can tell you that mobile games are pretty trendy right now, but its hard to predict what games will be popular in the future, because these games probably aren't released yet.

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Everything is probably gonna stay about the same. Big-time console releases and indie games will still be more consistently high in active players. Mobile games and webgames will rise to the top on occasion, but will still just disappear after like 2 weeks pass. Nothing will really change. Just the users will change.

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Games like Counter Strike,Halo,Valorant and God of war on Their mobile versions. Phones on the Future are more likely to turn into Pocket Consoles so The phones will be strong enough to run those games.

Also Subway surfers, jetpack joyride and Fruit ninja can end up on consoles as well with a storyline and even sidequests.

(i maybe overdid it didn't i?)


God please save us from mobile speedgames

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What are wrong with them😡

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Originally posted by Matse007
God please save us from mobile speedgames

Nuthin’ he can do about it


Originally posted by matse007God please save us from mobile speedgames

Originally posted by YUMmy_Bacon5What are wrong with them😡

yeah, what's wrong with "speedrunning" mobile games? 🤔