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There are no mods for Star Control II. I have been speedrunning this game for about a month on Twitch, and got a run of about 56m that I am proud of. I submitted it multiple weeks ago, and got no reply. I looked at the mod list and it looked empty. Can anybody moderate Star Control II?


Go here:
Read the rules in the first post.

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I read the rules, but do not know anything about verifying runs. I don't believe I would be fit for mod, and I am asking if anybody else wants to step up as mod.

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@ThanksDudeThanksDude could you look that up again and confirm if there is somebody willing to take over?
I have looked into the "request leaderboard moderation" thread and searched for a couple of pages. But I found no mention of star control 2.

I'm asking bc if nobody is willing I'd want to apply as a mod. I haven't run the game yet - only watched some of the runs - it's on my "to run" list.
I'm already modding 2 MS DOS games and the rules for SC2 are pretty much a oneliner. I'd be up for that. But if there is someone who actually ran the game and wants to be a mod I wouldn't want to take it from him/her.


I read the mod rules and it seems like you are required to do a run before becoming mod, but I am not sure if they mean a run of any game or of the game they are going to become mod on. I made this forum because the previous mod stepped down and has not been active for about a year. There can be multiple mods as well so you could become a mod as well happycamper_

Like the username btw if it is a reference to the Orz


You have to have a run of the game that you want to moderate.

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@Cad225Cad225 yep, my name is inspired by the lovely language of the Orz 😃