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Help. I'm new. I need simple speedruns for no cost of money.

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There are plenty of similar threads.
You can start by looking at all the web games on the site:

You can also tell your preferences of game types to get better recommendations, "free games" is too broad.

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1 good game is Super Blue Boy Planet! Is a very short, simple and easy platformer on Steam. It's free BTW

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It's not free, but it's practically free, Hl1 is fun.

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You can play a lot of older PC games here, but you'll have to search for them yourself

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you can speedrun fnaf world its free on gamejolt

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That is because of the new year but it is still a funny joke


@F4de_X2F4de_X2 don’t bump old threads if you have nothing relevant to say

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Originally posted by F4de_X2 That is because of the new year but it is still a funny joke

No, it’s because the gap between posts was literally a whole year.

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@GerargeGerarge please don’t spam advertise this everywhere.


To answer your question humbly and single worded…

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1 - Please refer to @VyPr’s post.
2 - Fuck Roblox.


@jackzfimljackzfiml agreed. every game on the site pales in comparison to frozen double trouble.

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@jackzfimljackzfiml please add frozen double trouble to the iceberg

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