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need i say more? not going to link the video but watch only if you are over 18.

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This game definitely goes against the game submission guidelines.


If I remember correctly, there was a time when did not have the same kind of policy about nsfw games, so it was possible to submit games like this.


3 years ago this rule existed too

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Well, apparently not KEKW


I think the rules about nsfw existed back then but they were a lot more flexible with other rules like high score or short games so maybe they were also flexible with this


This game is a litteral porn with very graphic Atari scenes.

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It should definitely be deleted, you are literally running around trying not to get your di*k cut off by some fucking scissors and then fucking some random person

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Speedrunning 👍

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The NSFW rule has always existed I believe, it was just never in writing until a few years ago.

Pac's reasoning for not allowing them roughly was because advertisers don't really want to associate themselves with sites that promote NSFW (I think at the time it was against Curse's TOS). Obviously, you can't always combat all of it everywhere, but there was always an attempt to remove it.

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That rule is kind of pointless. Doesn't really protect anyone.

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