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Here, try these games: and both are really quick and easy to beat, and have little to no competition (guranteed top 3 spot). These will help you get a little better at speedrunning.
As for recording, I recommend IceCream for laptops and OBS for PC’s.

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You will get better with practice. Just keep at it and have fun.

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Skills - There is only one way to git gud, practice. No-one starts off a master you gotta level up IRL. / Recording equipment - If you have a PC made after 2005 your half way there. Pickup a GV-USB2 for 30USD's or so and OBS Studio for free and your set. / Time - There are plenty of fantastic runs done in under a half an hour. Aswell as individual level runs done in under a minute. One run a day is all it takes to git gud. / Confidence - This is sort of a positive feedback loop. Once you start pbing, your forced to believe in yourself. As you progress and get better that feeling is only reinforced. Few things that are difficult are immediately satisfying, but once you get through that initial discomfort it allows you to appreciate the achievement for what it is.

TLDR - Just do it

Also come run Metal Arms with us :3

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Do what I did. Find a game that hasn't been registered on the site, record a speed run, "Submit a new game" and get the world record in a game no one else plays. 😉 great for self esteem.

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@LothloranChibicore That's awesome lol, my recommendation is to start with emulators audience gasps, most computers can handle AT LEAST N64 games. Easy for recording if you don't have the $$$ for a capture card. You can also run web games, which can be fun. Meteor 60 Seconds! is a fun, free mobile game, and depending on your device it can be easy to record, although I think its easier to run on PC. There are plenty of games on Steam, GameJolt, and other indie game sites, free and otherwise to have some fun with.
A few must-haves:
OBS (you can record or stream your gameplay)
Livesplit (unless you're running games that use an in-game timer (IGT))
A good attitude (This really can make all the difference, sometimes a break is good, other times you just need to find the right game)

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