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Some days ago I have done some speedruns but it was so strange that the information of World Record, the name of the user, and the WR time are not shown thru Livesplit (probably thru Xsplit too). I hope this can be fixed soon. I don't know if this was a problem of Speedrun dot com, or Livesplit/Xsplit issue... also some Speedrun panels showing some PB and WR info actually are not shown, only extension errors. (Speedrun PB Panel, for example)


The /games part of the API was down a few days ago, so that might've been the cause for your errors,
but it's been long fixed and these errors shouldn't appear anymore

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I'm having this problem atm with v1.7.7 of LiveSplit. Is it the API again or am I the only one?


@SqueemeisterSqueemeister It seems to be working fine for me. What game/category/variables are you trying to get that aren't working?

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ShikenNuggets, thanks for the reply.

Seems it's just The Cave Any% (Current Patch) and The Cave Deathless%, others seem to work fine.

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