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Is there a category for fast typing? Something like 10FastFingers?
It would be nice if they also add languages ​​to choose from for example Hebrew, and not just English.



"Category for fast typing" - which game are you talking about?

Also, you can change the language of the site. Click on your user icon in the top header, then press on "English", and then you have several languages to choose from.


The rules currently state that generic typing games will not be added to the site, but there are games with a heavy typing element; many old adventure games relied on text parsers, and some are pure text adventures like

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The problem is that you can't change the language in those games. I can only type 100 WPM in hebrew.


Is typing fast a game? I type really fast too, but don't think a gaming speedrunning website would be the best place to show that off (I wouldn't ever care to show it off).

If you think outside the box tho....I bet there are some text based games on this site that would put your 100wpm to the test if you looked around a bit. I know they don't allow just typing/educational type things to this site, but there's plenty of text based adventure games you could probably crush was a mixture of practice and 100wpm typing prowess.

Probably not exactly what you're looking for but it's an easy start, quite short

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Hmm, man. How do you prove the typing is legit and not tool assisted? Pretty sure you could do something that makes a "typing run" non the wiser when it comes to how fast you can type. With a regular game, its clear to see a tool assist...with typing, thats another story. But hey...if its aloud then cool


Also typing related, but this one is an actual game, and every typing minigame has a different concept:

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