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I never heard of that title so others likely didn't either
If you want to see runs of the game, do some runs, you can request the game here once you did a few:


There are a LOT of games that don't have runs, it's not that surprising.

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Nobody knows the game exists, nobody cares enough about it to bother trying to run it, it's a shit speed game, etc. There's plenty of reasons why a game might not be speedrun. Even games that actually have potential to be decent speed games tend to stay forgotten with only one or two runners (of the 15k games listed here, around half them have less than three total runners, and ~65% have no active runners). It shouldn't be all that surprising if no one attempts to run a relatively new and, at a glance, unexceptional game. As an example, my most recent speedgame, Captain America: Super Soldier, was released over 7 years ago, and only just recently did anyone (me) bother to try speedrunning it.

With all the big numbers of things like GDQ and games like Mario it's easy to forget that speedrunning is still a very niche hobby, and that most speed games are dead most of the time.

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