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So I may have found 2 skips in Koopa Cape MK7 these could possibly break the track
1. drive around the course a normally until you get to the edge of the pipe waterfall with the fences. Then try and jump over the fences and out of bounds and get back to the finish line to complete the lap

2. dive around the tracks as normally and get to the bottom of the pipe waterfall then drive backwards until you cant then jump out of the half pipe onto the other side to the other end of the half pipe then drive around normally.

Remember these are theoretical so don't shun me for saying this impossible.


but still there can be more


and plus that glitch only saves 2 seconds


I love how you are just ignoring the fact that this specifically should be posted in the MK7 forums rather than the site forums.

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This is the same dude that posted about Mario Kart 7 on the site forums some months ago, challenging the runners to beat all tracks in under a minute. You can check his profile they already told them numerous times to stop posting on the site forums, he keeps doing it lmao.

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I would trust someone who works on tases to find more glitches, not a rando

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oh btw i posted it in in the mk7 forum


If you know how to speak English, then you might understand that some people don't want you to post MK7 in SRC forums.

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I would trust someone who works on tases to find more glitches, not a rando

eh, there's enough "randos" or casual players that find skips and glitches on accident that lead to improvements of speedruns.

Of course this is pretty hilarious when he just comes up with "theoretical" skips that he apparently never even tried himself if they are possible lol

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No. 1 is sorta done anyway. Just replace "jumping over the fence" with "clipping through the fence" and "going OOB" with "driving backwards to hit the last key checkpoint and turning around".

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well I have tried with no success for no.2 but don't just shit on me just for being new and not understanding how this works im sick of it for every new server/website/forum I join.

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1. People would be nicer to you IF you went to the MK7 forum and POSTED SOMETHING THERE.
2. "New". As in your account was made 3 months ago?
3. Sick of what? Walgrey already answered your question and yet you are still commenting despite us telling you not to.
4. If you are sick of the site, then don't blame us.
5. If you don't understand how works , then go ask staff or talk in the discord (do not spam).
6. Stop overreacting because we are not shittin on you. Please.

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you straight up wrote an essay to prove a point on the forums 💀


Thats 6 lines and hes not proving anything, hes just asking someone to stop

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oh, it just looked very toxic from my end, sorry bout that

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Does come off as toxic tbh

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Ok well @slashedintheslamerslashedintheslamer hasn't posted since four days on this thread, I say mission accomplished.

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