Speedrun Rumble 2019 finished on .


Speedrun Rumble is a spiritual successor of Exploudathon 1,2,3.

The marathon will be online only (for now) and focus is to help people get to live events that have a charity goal mainly.

The 2019 edition (the first one) will help MooMooAkai and DavidTKI go to RPG Limit Break for their respective runs of .Hack Infection and Quest For Glory

Submissions are open until the 5th of april but might have an encore in case we need more. We accept both speedruns, surperplays and showcases.

We are also looking for staff members :

Some hosts for the marathon,
A Video Editor,
Maybe a layout/logo creator but ExploudYourEar (aka me) is already working on it.

Please send a mail to speedrunrumble@gmail.com to eventually become a staff member.

Exploud's Personal Part :
- I worked on exploudathon 1/2/3
- I produced Spade-A-Thon 2018 and 2019