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This is the submission thread for SpeedConline 2020.

The submission form is linked at the end of this Post.
Please read it carefully before submitting.

Submissions are now: Closed
View submitted runs:



General Information

The event will run from October 10th to October 11th.
It will be streamed on our channel and our target charity is the Freiland Potsdam as an aid during corona times for them and their social projects.

Submissions will be open till midnight CEST on the 20th of September.


Submission Guidelines

- Discord is used as the main communication system.
      You are required to join our Discord server!

- We do not allow races for this online marathon. (Next time if all goes well.)
- Additional commentators for your run are allowed.
- Please make sure you have a decent mic and that you can stream your game with a reasonable video quality.
- A facecam is not required but highly appreciated.

- Emulators are allowed for this one as long as the leaderboards for your game accept them.



- For this marathon, cuts are done in one round.
- We will do our best to do the cuts and publish a first schedule as quickly as possible.

Make sure you are on our Discord! Then -> Submit here <-

Feel free to contact us on Discord if you’ve got any questions.

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